The Moscow court upheld the ban on Nadezhdin's participation in the elections


The liberal Russian politician has lost yet another appeal against a decision by election officials to bar him from running in next month's vote, in which President Vladimir Putin is certain to win another six-year term.

Boris Nadezhdin promised that if he became the head of the state, stopping the conflict in Ukraine would be his main goal, and the authorities' refusal to register him for the presidential elections highlighted the Kremlin's aversion to any public opposition to Putin's actions.

The court ruling rejecting Nadezhdin's appeal followed the death of arch-Kremlin foe Alexei Navalny in a remote Arctic prison, sparking global outrage and dealing a severe blow to the Russian opposition.

After a day of deliberations, the Russian Supreme Court decided to reject Nadezhdin's appeal against the Central Election Commission's decision to ban him from participating in the presidential elections, scheduled to take place between March 15 and 17.

The court previously rejected his two other appeals related to technical aspects of the commission's move.

Nadezhdin announced an appeal against the verdict.

Thousands of Russians across the country have signed petitions supporting Nadezhdin's candidacy, an unusual show of support in the tightly controlled political landscape.

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