PHOTO: Morbid civil performance in Przyno - residents symbolically buried basic rights

A group of citizens from the Skopje settlement of Pržino, residents of the dead end of the street of the same name (where two years ago a disputed construction demolished a retaining wall), have launched a petition/complaint to the Ministry of Transport and Communications to indicate that they do not have their consent for construction in this section.

In an attempt to draw the public's attention to their problem - that the institutions can allow the construction to continue despite their disagreement - residents of the neighborhood organized a kind of performance with models of coffins and crosses, in a symbolic funeral procession for basic existential rights: on water , peace, health, sun and air.

This is happening after the approvals for the construction of the company that builds the disputed building, "Top Metal" were revoked in August by the mayor of Kisela Voda Municipality, and the company has now filed a complaint with the Municipality, which will go to a commission in the Ministry. Two years ago, the Ministry rejected the residents' objections to the approval, and they also accused that The detailed urban plan in the municipality is "criminal".

In the petition to the Ministry, they now say that they did not give consent for construction in the given scope and demand that the developer's complaint be rejected.

"At the moment, our street of 16 families is already creating traffic chaos, what will happen when an additional minimum of 16 new vehicles move here?" What happens to air quality when the flow of vehicles is at least quadrupled because vehicles will drive to the end of a blind alley where two vehicles cannot pass each other? At the moment, all the neighbors have a problem with fecal water flowing into the streets, basements and yards. Even the newly built storm sewer did not solve the problem. At the moment, we constantly have interruptions in water supply and electricity, which cause damage to electrical appliances, water heaters, computers, heaters, and flow taps. We ask how this planned disproportionate facility to the existing construction and the existing sewage, electrical and traffic network built in the 1960s will mean 'rational and sustainable use of space' and 'protection and improvement of the environment and nature'?", the residents say in the petition to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

They demand that the Ministry fully confirm the cancellation of all approvals for the disputed construction and reject the builder's appeal as unfounded.

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