MONOGRAPHIC WORK: New theoretical insights into the power of drawing

The doctoral thesis "Historical-artistic review of the topic of drawing through styles, through epochs, as the basis of a work of art" by Marija Pavlovska under the mentorship of prof. Dr. Kokan Grchev has been translated into a monographic work entitled "The First Principle - Drawing", published by "Magor" with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

The purpose of Marija Pavlovska's doctoral dissertation was to make a research analysis and detailed review of the Drawing, its development through styles and historical periods, its importance and primary quality as the basis of all works of art. The assumptions were that the paper would contribute in several other respects. First of all, the paper complements the general view of this art discipline, but also provides real parameters for further study of drawing. The work also brings freshness to the theoretical and aesthetic research of the visual arts in both the art and the wider communicative context.

- Drawing has a creative, expressive and educational value, it remains fundamental for translating and analyzing the world, emphasizes the author Pavlovska, who has worked on the topic for ten years, and adds - drawing remains a central and key activity of many artists and designers as a basis and creative research tool. Drawing basically enables visualization and development of perceptions and ideas. With a history as long and intense as the history of our culture, the act of drawing, drawing remains a basic tool for translating, documenting, recording and analyzing the worlds in which we live. The role of drawing in education remains critical and fundamental, and not just in the creative disciplines of art and design, for which it is fundamental.

- The subject of the research of this paper by Dr. Marija Pavlovska is the problem, content and importance of the visual-visual linear record: the drawing, treated and understood as a primary visual record and a document that consequently influences the development of all other visual disciplines: painting. sculpture, architecture. Thus, the historical development of the phenomenon of drawing is placed in the context of appropriate research of the visual art record. This research especially emphasizes the importance of drawing as the primary structure of any work of art, giving the drawing meaning and function to survive and be recognized as an autonomous document, an autonomous visual form. Focusing on the drawing and trying to place it in the role of the essence of the visual disciplines, the research leads to an appropriate level of understanding of the structure, definition, importance, primacy, stability, power of the drawing and its development as basic elements of the research topic. , points out the mentor Kokan Grchev.

Research has shown on a theoretical level that even more drawing is a language, a unique art form, it is a science, a method of expression, a way to convey the thought where the result is a document. Drawing is a way for an idea to reach everyone without the use of verbal or written explanation. Drawing is a way to crystallize thought, to get shape, to explore the taste, expression and emotion of truth and beauty.

The promotion of the monographic work "The First Principle - Drawing" by Marija Pavlovska was held at the gallery "Osten", promoter was Professor Antoni Maznevski, and was followed by an exhibition of drawings by Marija Pavlovska within the Osten - Biennial of Drawing 2020.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 19, in the print edition of "Free Press" on February 22-23, 2020)

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