The monograph "75 years of Kumanovo Theater (1948-2023)" is a worthy witness of a rich theater history

Promotion of the monograph in Kumanovo

In the "Trajko Prokopiev" NUCC in Kumanovo, on November 30, a ceremony was held at which a significant anniversary was marked and the monograph "75 years of Kumanovo Theater (1948-2023)" was promoted.

The monograph "75 years of Kumanovo Theater (1948-2023)" was prepared for a whole year. Materials from the archive of the Kumanovo Theater were used. Private archives of actors of the theater, current and retired, have been used on many occasions.

The author's team that prepared the monograph includes Sašo Kostovski, Keti Dončevska Ilic, Zoran Zafirovski and Simona Toskić.

- Theatrical art is the art of the moment. A unique and unique experience that is happening now and here. Uniqueness, doomed to oblivion. Precisely because of this, the need to notice the theatrical moment in a certain space is of inestimable importance. The confirmation of continuous theatrical life is a provocation that imposes an obligation to mark a developmental path that is an inseparable part of Macedonian theatrical and cultural history. This kind of continuity, for 75 years, has been proudly realized by the Kumanovo Theater - the authors wrote in the preface of the monograph.

The monograph "75 years of Kumanovo Theater (1948-2023)" aims to permanently record the 75-year theater tradition, an edition which, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the professional existence of the Kumanovo Theater, will confirm, above all, the striving for theatrical expression as a significant founder of the cultural development of the city.

The theater in Kumanovo has a development path that is an inseparable part of the Macedonian theatrical and cultural history.

- To create a theater today seems to be particularly difficult. The difficulties, imposed as a challenge that needs to be overcome, not only today, but throughout the 75 years of the Kumanovo Theater only strengthened the love, commitment, dedication of the artists and all those who participate in the realization of a creative act. It is the artistic creation that imposes itself as an imperative, creating conditions for confirmation of the huge cultural significance of theater art.

From today's perspective, we are happy to point out that from the years of foreshadowing until today, the stake of every individual, every dream, dream, personal sacrifice and numerous resignations, but also many beautiful memories and moments filled with happiness, worth for memory, because the Kumanovo Theater has grown into a respected and established institution with its own clear goals and a clear program in the scope of its own promotion and the promotion of domestic and world dramaturgy. Kumanovo Theater remains the home of all theater art lovers, a place where theater artists cannot help but speak again and again about the world, society and people of their time, while not giving up and reminding again and again of the beauty of love. , the game, the freedom.

We hope that the monograph will be a worthy witness to a rich history, but also an introduction to the next centuries-old existence. And as long as we believe the Spanish playwright Lope de Vega, according to whom three boards, two actors and one passion are necessary for theater, we invite you to continue creating theater together - it will remain recorded in the monograph.

Promotion of the monograph in Kumanovo

The promoter of the edition of the ceremony in Kumanovo was the theater critic Todor Kuzmanov. The Ministry of Culture and the companies "Buchen Kozjak", "Metal Net", "Moka Prom", "Zafir", "Oli Travel", "Extra Main", "Coop engineering", "Mega", "Forma", as well as Dragan Damjanovski with a personal donation and "Macedonia Insurance" - Skopje.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 207, in the printed edition of the newspaper "Sloboden Pechat" on 2-3.12.2023)

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