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Monism and dictatorship

Where did Freedom House find traces of democracy in Serbia at all? There is no parliament, the executive is exercised only through the institution of the president, who directly manages all areas of life

There is less and less democracy in Serbia. Freedom House classified Serbia as a "hybrid mode" because it was moving backwards in the area of democratic governance. So, the decline is getting faster, but this estimate seems too mild. Governance set as the ultimate, dictatorial will of the leader in the name of the clique cannot be democratic.

Doesn't Freedom House, after all, care too much about the ruthless model of total usurpation of power over society? The emphasis on the "hybrid regime" can be seen as an assessment that the government here is monistic, embodied in the president, who has given all the levers of executive power to his (formally directly elected) person. And all the tools for direct decision making, in all its branches and at all levels.


Melancholy and fear

So, we are getting closer to an open dictatorship, if we have not already gotten there, and to a complete occupation of a society that society opposes with little power. Or does not oppose at all. Such fragility is a consequence of the destruction of institutions, general melancholy and the fear that the efforts needed to restore social freedom are in vain. So, the Government is immutable and can only go of its own free will, or to elections. But those two possibilities are unattainable. The regime may collapse spontaneously due to its inability to solve the vital problems that exist, as well as the circumstances arising from internal mafia conflicts. Or be swept away by a powerful social explosion that inevitably turns into rebellion.

Such indicators exist, but they are still not enough to awaken the powerful forces of the anesthetized society. In the face of serious resistance, which at some point must surely follow the regime in Serbia, embodied in a man with an insatiable tyrannical appetite, he will conduct increasingly harsh experiments on the state and society.

Attempts are made to show sufficient resistance to any resistance to break. For such increasingly violent speeches, a media platform is being created. Everything that is not in unison should be extinguished, the noise should be removed and the distribution of everything that is different should be prevented. The closure of TVH1, for example, is an idea that leads Serbia to lose its sense of sight and hearing, and then anything is possible and allowed, and it remains locked in the cursed courtyard.


New elite

Where did Freedom House, in general, find traces of democracy in Serbia? There is no parliament, the executive power is exercised only through the institution of a president who has no right to it, and he should not, despite everything that determines his competencies, with his arrogant arbitrariness to directly manage all areas of life. Client-controlled media are becoming a means of mental unification. The corrupt alliance on which the oligarchy is based has been turned into a criminal organization, which presents itself as a state.

A special system of turbo-values ​​has been created, in addition to the abolition of culture, which is becoming an obstacle to the new aesthetics of the obscure elite. Everything that constitutes the environment for human lives is cut off, disappears and destroyed, promoting mass poisoning as the achievements of the "first world".

The new elite show no regard for the status of the "pauperized majority", projecting their predatory prosperity onto a social utopia. In that model of a culture of plunder, the display of wealth is a kind of probationary exhibitionism that does not cease to be, overwhelmed by material abundance.


Lethargy before an avalanche?

The government creates and denies affairs and scandals, which would bring them down everywhere and everywhere, but here it still keeps them in the saddle. And that could be another absurdity hybrid mode. These things seem to refresh them, like monstrous aesthetic interventions. They no longer hide that they are ugly and evil and that becomes their trump card, because only such people survive, so they will disappear. Not too fast, but who would have known what happened to lethargic citizens. And where suffering will suddenly turn into an avalanche.

The culmination of the negation and undermining of parliamentary democracy in Serbia, with the sectarian, Cossack assembly, will have to be sufficient proof for Freedom House, if not for us, that democracy no longer exists in Serbia. Its rudimentary remnants are guarded by the persistent activism of two hundred free people who simply do not want to surrender. We must admit that we have lost our freedom. We will have to win it at any cost.

If he wants to help, let Freedom House say what is really going on here, without Aesop's fault. There is no system and nowhere to fall. We are at the bottom, and this is a dictatorship.

Taken from "Vijesti" from Podgorica

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