Ministry of Education and Culture: A Commission has been formed for the withdrawal of the Sociology textbook for the second year of high school education

Photo: MIA

The Ministry of Education and Science informs that a Commission has been formed to make a proposal to withdraw from use the approved Sociology textbook for the second year of high school education.

The Ministry of Education and Culture says that within a legal term of ten days, the Commission should submit the proposal to the Minister of Education and Science. The formation of the commission follows the comments from the public, especially from the expert field.

- The inclusive process for improving the quality of educational content and eliminating discrimination and stereotypes is the most effective, and therefore the Ministry of Education and Culture allows the public to be involved in the process of removing errors of a different nature and inappropriate content in textbooks. We inform you that an e-mail address has also been created ([email protected]) where comments and remarks about the textbooks in use can be sent, according to the announcement of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

From there they also say that in the past period, several decisions were made to withdraw approved textbooks, for which there were reactions.

- With the fundamental reform of the educational system, which foresees the development of new curricula, new textbooks and learning materials will be developed in all subjects. The procedure for the procurement of textbooks for all subjects from the first, second, fourth and fifth grades, for which new curricula have been prepared, is in progress, according to the plan for reforming primary education, the ministry informs.

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