Boy digging for potatoes finds ancient Egyptian statue: Archaeologists finally discover how it ended up in Scotland

Photo: National Museums Scotland

More than seventy years ago, a boy who was forced to dig potatoes in a schoolyard in Scotland as punishment for misbehaving in class found an ancient Egyptian statue in the ground, and scientists have only now discovered how it ended up so far from Cairo. "Life Science".

Between 1952 and 1984, several ancient statues were found in the courtyard of "Melville House", a public building in County Fife that served as a barracks during the Second World War and later became a boarding school.

The students and their teachers turned each of the finds over to museum experts who determined they were Egyptian artifacts, but none of them knew how they ended up there.

The figures are said to have belonged to the former owner of Melville House. Alexander Leslie Melville, also known as Lord Balgony, who traveled to Egypt in 1856 and died a year later in Great Britain.

Balgoni brought back numerous souvenirs from his travels at a time when many in Egypt illegally sold ancient artifacts to foreigners.

After his death, family members moved the figures to an outbuilding in the yard and forgot about them, and it was demolished a few years later.

Decades later, 18 ancient objects were found, and Elizabeth Goring, former curator of the Royal Museums of Scotland in Edinburgh (now the National Museum of Scotland), says that the excavation and research of these artefacts was the most extraordinary project of her career.

"It's a fascinating collection, all the more so because of the mystery surrounding its origins," says Margaret Maitland, chief curator of the Ancient Mediterranean collection at the National Museum of Scotland, where the objects are kept.

Maitland says that discovering these Egyptian artefacts buried in Scotland for more than 100 years provide evidence of the level of the antiquities trade in the 19th century.

Otherwise, these are the only ancient Egyptian objects discovered in Scotland. On Platform X, people have already appeared stating that all the ancient Egyptian artifacts brought to Europe under mysterious circumstances were actually stolen or kidnapped and that it is necessary to return them to Egypt.

You can see the photos of other Egyptian artifacts HERE.

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