Moldova sends drunk drivers to work in a morgue, the measure is proving effective

Photo: Profimedia

The unusual practice introduced in Moldova in 2019, with which people caught driving drunk have to work in a morgue under penalty, is proving to be effective, i.e. the number of drunk drivers is decreasing.

The country has a serious problem with drunk drivers, so the authorities hoped that the new measure would reduce the number of people who repeat the offense.HAR show". And this measure really brought results.

Drivers in Moldova who have had their driving license revoked for driving under the influence of alcohol can get it back if they first pay around 200 euros (the average salary is around 270 euros).

They should help the medical staff in the hospitals when providing assistance to victims of traffic accidents, and when the assistance is not needed here, which is very often, they are forwarded to another department – ​​to the morgue.

The program started in the capital Chisinau in 2019 with 6 drivers who were fined for driving under the influence of alcohol. One of them quit a few minutes after he started helping at the morgue. The drivers say that it is very difficult for them to work in a mortuary. In 3 years, 600 drivers had to work in a morgue

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