The power of sustainability - the end of Fashion Weekend Skopje (FWSK)

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The Skopje Fashion Weekend has concluded its 27th edition, leaving behind an echo of transformative discussions, eclectic designs and innovative sustainable concepts. The three-day event, located in an unconventional and unusually adapted setting of the Urban Garden - Golden Art complex, was the epicenter of innovative fashion and significant dialogue, positioning Skopje as a confirmed forerunner in the promotion of conscious fashion in the region.

The three days of this event were a fusion of art and fashion, and in that direction was the rounding off in the last day with powerful interactions. First the workshop "Redesign" by SIEC and garderobé started, which is an interesting blend of traditions and the new age, and then the key public debate opened on the topic "The role of the community in conscious design", where the artist spoke, whose work encourages a dialogue between humanity and its environment Nikola Uzunovski, and was moderated by Ljubica Angelkova. Perspectives on how design and science are involved in artistic research and how the community can be affected by conscious design, this artist's views also revealed perspectives on possible community involvement in ushering in a new era of conscious, sustainable design.

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New talents were the center of attention with the innovative collections of fashion design students from the SKALA School "Jolev and Arts", with the support of the Bojinovski Foundation. These fresh faces on the fashion scene have demonstrated their understanding of sustainable fashion, delivering thought-provoking designs that balance aesthetics with responsibility.

Sustainability in action was also presented Hana Zeca, the founder and designer of Fight or Flight Studio, presenting her excellent show, Deadstock Generated, which was a vivid representation of sustainable design philosophies, highlighting the potential of neglected materials in creating fashion masterpieces.

The autumn edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje had its finale in the unusual collection presented by the designer Amra Ismani under its brand "AЯMMA", in a revolutionary collaboration with IQOS. This final segment was a harmonious blend that captured the essence of this transformative event.

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During the three days at this same location, they also had their own corner:

  • Mirjana Josifoska, known for its sustainable hats made from ethical, recycled and natural materials;
  • The academic painter Ljubica M. Solak with the "ANABASIS" collection, highlighting the elevation of fashion through art;
  • Magdalena Tanevska, a sustainable fashion designer dedicated to contributing to a more sustainable way of living and working with his new brand NOT COL;
  • Aleksandar Topic, a multi-talented designer from Novi Sad, Serbia, who showcased his unique creations.

With this 27th edition, the organizer confirmed the transformative essence of Fashion Weekend Skopje, emphasizing its role as more than an event – ​​it is a revolutionary movement that involves many parties to penetrate deeply into the multifaceted area of ​​contemporary fashion culture and join in shaping of a future where fashion transcends aesthetic appeal and becomes a vehicle for impactful, sustainable change.

This edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje also set a new benchmark on the fashion scene, encouraging dialogues for change and exploring the deep role of the community in shaping conscious fashion narratives. Fashion Weekend Skopje's (FWSK) inspiring blend of design, sustainability and community engagement has established Skopje's position in the sustainable fashion sphere and an inspiration in the wider region.

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