The powerful "Carmina Burana" is always a special experience for the audience

The choir of the National Opera and Ballet

On the stage of the National Opera and Ballet on December 7, 2023, starting at 20 p.m., the powerful "Carmina Burana" by the German composer Karl Orff will be performed in concert. The audience will be able to enjoy an encounter with passion, love and the joys of life, as well as the eternal dream of happiness, ruler of the world.

The conductor of the performance is Ivan Eminović, the concert master is Verica Lambevska, and the choir master is Jasmina Gjorgjeska.

Performers: Nade Talevska, soprano; Vasko Zdravkov, baritone; and Niko Gjorgievski, countertenor, along with the chorus and orchestra of the National Opera and Ballet.

- Listening to the powerful "Carmina Burana" is always a special experience and for years it has attracted the attention of numerous audiences, who are constantly looking for it in the current repertoire - the National Opera and Ballet point out.

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