My generation

Marin Gavrilovski, Photo Archive

The result after the first half is one for life, zero for my generation. Is there any hope of fixing that during the second half? A good part of the blame for today is brought by my generation with a conformist retreat in its closed world before the ignorant, aggressive, rude, partisan…

They say that in the Balkans no one is born and does not die in the same country. Such is the fate of my generation, which this year celebrates its half-century jubilee.

The Balkans are the crossroads of Europe. It was the scene of regional and world wars, which resulted in frequent border changes. So, those born in Austria-Hungary, lived and died in Yugoslavia, those born under Turkish, again lived and died under Bulgarian or Serbian or finally in their Macedonia.

And our destiny is no different. We were born in a country in the hilly Balkans at a time when life was best. The credits were taken, and the time to return was not yet come, so we as children enjoyed the privileges of the middle class of Yugoslav society. Free education and health system, regular seaside vacations, visa-free travel with a red passport. Those were carefree times, when Tito was selling his space program to the United States, and instead the famous "Yugo" was bought there. We, the children, were not told at that time that this almost idyllic image would change and that our youth would not be so rosy.

After the Marshal's death, the gangrene of his leg spread to the Commonwealth of Yugoslav Peoples, which slowly began to disintegrate through the bloodiest soil conflict in Europe since the end of World War II. Unfortunately, the representatives of my generation were also part of the cannon fodder in the bloody Yugoslav drama. Those who enrolled in one of the higher education institutions managed to prolong their military service, but some of them failed to do so and went to the battlefields to fight for some, for them, inexplicable and foreign interests. Most of them survived, but the traumas of those days left a noticeable mark on their psyche and further normal development.

The peaceful and wise policy of the first Macedonian president after independence, Kiro Gligorov managed to end the Golgotha ​​of my generation, at least in the part that referred to the war. Macedonia became an independent and sovereign state, without army and money, but at least with preserved infrastructure and preserved lives of the young generation.

Educated, modest, educated and still energetic, in the best creative years, we started to build optimistically or at least try to build the new state, hoping that from it we will make, as my professor Gjorgji Marjanovic said, a decent place for living. But some "new kids", brought up in other times, based on some other values ​​and narratives, did not think so. And as we tried to get the country back on its feet, events began to unfold that were far from what we wanted. The bloody conflict of 2001, the divisions between communists and VMRO-DPMNE, the years-long blockade of our European path caused by the irrational demands of Greece, the corrupt rule of Nikola Gruevski and the inability of Zoran Zaev to deal with it, were just some of the things that indicated that we have succeeded in our idea.

And now, on the eve of the fiftieth year of life, when we draw the first, preliminary, line to summarize what we have managed to achieve in life, unfortunately, we must conclude that the country (whether it means the country in which we live or the Earth we inhabit) we leave to our children in a worse condition than the one our parents left us. We live in a country where corruption, clientelism, party or nationality are more important than education, culture or ability. Our planet has never been more polluted, the air has never been so dirty, and the soil has been contaminated with so many chemicals. Is that inability to change the world for the better a result of our decency and good upbringing which ultimately led us to retreat before those arrogant and loud, unscrupulous younger generations, raised on other social values, who do not choose the means to achieve their individual goals, whether it is to the detriment of the state and future generations? According to the principle "live life today" and do not think about the future, the others, managed to have the most adequate gift for our children, who are celebrating their graduation these years, to be their suitcase, because most of them do not see the future here with their parents , but they will make us, in old age (in ten, twenty or thirty from now) become nomads, who for a bit of love will travel the world in search of our children and grandchildren, who, unfortunately, will hardly understand the language to whom we will address.

But every generation carries its own cross, and so do we. The result after the first half is one for life, zero for my generation. Is there any hope of fixing that during the second half?

Much of the blame for today lies with my generation with a conformist retreat into their closed world before the ignorant, aggressive, rude, partisan - with indifference, opportunism of this or that type, daily use of self-justifying phrases ("let go of that fool", " it does not happen to us anyway ”, etc.). The second half of life will not be tolerated by us.

"I have a million more tender and rude data about our youth, which in front of our eyes does not lie and steals and leaves"… And, what remains but to say in the style of Rade Serbedzija, not to give up in the second half, my generation, because we should not lose energy, desire and strength. I want to believe that our experience and personal potentials are not in vain created, promoted and nurtured; we still have time to direct our way of thinking and acting towards the creative improvement of our social environment, starting primarily with our personal engagement. For a start, behave in public like a human being; say goodbye to your neighbors in the morning, be kind to the market, do not throw garbage wherever you go, do not park everywhere, respect and listen to the interlocutor (without interruptions), respect the elders, love your homeland, we have no spare. Every social change begins on a personal, individual level. Do not give up, my generation, you still have something to say.

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