A modern and proven way to lose weight: Advantages and confirmations of the liposuction diet

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Liposuction with a diet is a new way of life, not a one-time weight loss treatment.

The liposuction diet is a special diet based on the consumption of natural fats and the elimination of carbohydrates. It supports returning to the diet of our ancestors and avoiding canned, semi-finished and refined products. During the protocol, amino acid supplements are also consumed, which stimulate the breakdown of fats in the body. This diet program has nothing to do with surgery - liposuction, except that it has a common goal to quickly melt fat in the body. That is why it is called non-invasive liposuction (Noninvasive liposuction).

Liposuction nutrition and amino acids

Nutritionist Kenan Mandra believes that sugar is the biggest problem in today's diet, so the liposuction diet is based on the intake of fats and proteins, supported by the intake of amino acids through supplements, and the exclusion / reduction of carbohydrates. In this way, the breakdown of fats in the body is encouraged, ie the metabolism uses its own fat stores as a source of energy. Amino acids that are taken in through supplements act as activators of lipase enzymes that activate the process of fat breakdown. And since hunger is a psychological problem, an individual nutritional approach to anyone who wants to start a liposuction diet is very important.

What are the benefits of a liposuction diet?

– is not restrictive
- it is not dangerous for health
- does not give a yo-yo effect, that is, the lost weight does not return
– the first results are visible after 24 hours
- does not cause a feeling of hunger
– the diet menu is varied and not boring at all
– you don't need to bother with counting calories
- Liposuction with a diet is a new way of life, not a one-time treatment.

What should we eat when we are on a liposuction diet?

The liposuction diet protocol includes the consumption of healthy fats and proteins, and excludes carbohydrates and sugars. All meals are planned in detail by the team of nutritionists and are fully adapted to the needs of the individual. For example, homemade cinnamon muffins, smoothie drinks, omelet with cheese, tuna, chicken salad or zucchini burgers can be consumed for breakfast. For lunch - chicken burgers, cream of mushroom soup, stuffed steaks, fish, fresh salads, while dinner is the main meal when you can also eat steak, chicken wings, chicken drumstick, seafood, i.e. source food that is rich in proteins. The good news for those who cannot give up sweets is that fruit-based desserts are allowed, namely natural sugars that do not turn into fat.


More and more confirmations from eminent doctors and scientific researches are coming in favor of the application of liposuction diet for a successful and fast weight loss process. Renowned Russian heart surgeon Leo Bokeria recently confirmed the theory of the liposuction diet that dinner should be a central meal. The same was confirmed by the latest research conducted at Cornell University. Scientist David Levitsky found that people who skipped breakfast lost a significant amount of weight in a matter of weeks.

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