The MFA lit up in the colors of Germany on the occasion of tomorrow's visit to Berbock

Photo: MFA

On the occasion of tomorrow's visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, Analena Berbok, to the Republic of North Macedonia, the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is illuminated tonight in the colors of the German flag.

- Germany continues to be one of the strongest promoters of the European integration of the region, it is written in the post on the official Facebook page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As the ministry announced, Baerbok will pay an official visit to Macedonia tomorrow at the invitation of her colleague, the head of diplomacy Bujar Osmani, during which she will also have meetings with President Stevo Pendarovski, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and the Deputy Prime Minister in charge for European affairs Bojan Maricic.

The head of German diplomacy will hold meetings with the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Policy, as well as with representatives of the opposition parties.

According to the agenda from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, upon arrival, Baerbok and Osmani will hold a one-on-one meeting, followed by a meeting of the two delegations, and the two ministers will hold a joint press conference.

The focus of the talks between the two ministers, as announced by both sides, will be the accession process of the country to the EU, and especially

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