MFA: According to initial information, no trace of possible misuse of diplomatic mission was found

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Northern Macedonia Photo: MIA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on the allegations published by some of the media, according to which In a shipment marked as diplomatic mail of the Ministry, cigarettes and beverages were carried and smuggled in trucks.

In addition, we transmit the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in full:

"Over the past few days, information has appeared in the public from several places about the alleged misuse of a diplomatic mission. Let us inform you that within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our services have been instructed to review all the documentation, to check all the information by the diplomatic and consular missions, in order to verify such allegations.

According to the initial information received in the past two days, no trace was found in the Ministry, for a possible shipment that could be a basis for abuse.

Additionally, guidance was given within our diplomatic and consular missions to check all information received about possible cases of our citizens being detained, which could be similar to the allegations made. So far, no information has been received from our representative offices about a possible similar case, which could correspond to the allegations.

Although there is no confirmation of the existence of such a case, the Ministry has a policy of zero tolerance for abuse or possible falsification of diplomatic documents or documents of the institution, and therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the next period will continue with thorough checks on the allegations and accordingly will inform the public ”.

Source: MIA

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