The MFA expresses full support for the "autonomous, professional and conscientious work of the Historical Commission"

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Northern Macedonia Photo: MIA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today that it fully supports the work of the Commission on Historical and Educational Affairs with Bulgaria and welcomes tonight's announcement of the recommendations that are part of the Protocol signed between the two countries in 2019.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presenting the results of their work, the members of the Commission and its president identified several principles that are also important from a political point of view.

- First, that the work of the Commission, the content of which that work, is completely autonomous, essentially expert and professional, protected from any political influences. This prerequisite is contained in the principles of the Protocol signed between the two Ministries of Foreign Affairs, and represents one of the key principles that ensures expertise and authentic expertise in the work of the Commission. Second, the presented results of the Commission's work preserve the principle of reciprocity for both countries, which is one of the essential elements for building mutual trust and mutual respect, a principle that is also noted in the content of the Protocol signed between the two countries. Thirdly, with the published results, the Commission showed that with a brave but professional and honest approach, historians can find decent and authentic solutions, based on historical truths that rest on facts, and which offer the opportunity to jointly celebrate certain historical events, overcoming differences , and creating a basis for building a stable joint future between the two countries, the Ministry states.

The announcement indicates that the Commission for Historical and Educational Affairs with Bulgaria will continue to have the full support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially in the direction of support for autonomy in their work.

- In that direction, we also want to encourage the Commission to continue with its work, freed from the political pressures that are created in the public, relying on its expertise, conscientiousness and expertise, the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added.

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