The majority criticized the government, DUI defended the Framework

Constitutive session in the assembly / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski
Constitutive session in the Assembly / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

It is expected that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow the President Gordana Siljanovska Davkova will give the mandate for the composition of the government to the President of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, after which within 20 days he should submit to the Parliament a proposal for the composition and work program of the new executive power

Next week, by Friday June 7 at the latest, when is the deadline, the president Gordana Siljanovska Dakova will award the mandate to the president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski for the composition of the new Macedonian government, and according to the announcements, it is expected to happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow in Parliament the first coordination of President Afrim Gashi with party representatives will take place on which they will be discuss the following activities which are aimed at the adoption of the amendments to the laws on the bodies of the state administration and on local self-government. VMRO-DPMNE insists on amending the law on state administration, which wants to introduce changes in the organization of ministries - abolishing some, recombining others and forming new ones, and amendments to the law on local self-government also suit the "Vredi" Coalition. and DUI, with the aim of not having premature elections for mayor in the municipalities whose mayors have become MPs or will become ministers. Such is the case with the Municipality of Saraj, whose mayor Blerim Bejeti became a member of parliament, and the municipalities of Aerodrom and Gostivar, whose mayors Timcho Mutsunski and Arben Taravari may become ministers.

These laws are passed with a two-thirds majority, and according to announcements, they are expected to be passed before the government is formed.

In order to accomplish this, first of all in the Assembly should are formed parliamentary ones commissions as necessary to consider these laws, so that the plenary session for their adoption can be scheduled.

For the new Government - nothing new

The deadline for forming a government according to the Constitution is 20 days. If Mickoski becomes a mandate holder tomorrow, he should submit to the Parliament a proposal for the composition and work program of the new executive authority by June 23 at the latest. At least 61 MPs have to vote for the government. In the parliamentary elections on May 8, VMRO-DPMNE won 58 MPs, but announced that it has already consolidated 61 MPs. If this party forms a government with "Vredi", which has 13 deputies, and ZNAM, which has six deputies, together they have a two-thirds majority, which is necessary for changes to the system laws, but also for constitutional changes.

Although the working groups for negotiations on the composition of the future government meet regularly, there is still no concrete agreement on a government coalition, nor are the names of the future ministers revealed. Only the division of ministries between VMRO-DPMNE and "Vredi" is known, which "Sloboden Pechat" already wrote about.

The parliament is closed, Mickoski is waiting for the mandate until June 8

The official ones answers from the parties are that the conversations still they last. VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski in response to a journalist's question todayshna press conference said that there is still nothing concrete about the composition of the future government.

Afrim Gashi on the assembly platform / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Regarding the upcoming activities of the Assembly this weekend, Speaker Afrim Gashi said that they already had an informal meeting with representatives of the parties and now they are waiting for the parliamentary groups to be formalized and the coordinators to be chosen in order to convene the next session. Regarding what will be the first thing on the agenda, Gashi said that "as a coalition that is already in sight between VMRO-DPMNE, ZNAM and "Vredi", we will start with the new organization of the ministries and departments.

- We want to pass that law first, so that the Government that will be elected can be elected within the framework of that law and that new organization. That is why we will make an effort together with all the parties in the Parliament to agree that this law will be one of the first to be presented at the plenary session. We would also like to resolve the issue with the mayors, if we find a legal solution that is within the framework of the Constitution and laws and in the interest of the citizens. Now we are facing the challenge of having municipal leaders who will be elected in five-six months, and after seven-eight months, there will be local elections again. It is not right and it is against the Constitution to elect someone for a four-year term, and someone with the same votes, in the same election, to be elected for a term of eight months - said Gashi in an interview for "Radio Free Europe".

Regarding the DUI's attitude that it is "Worth it". illegitimate representative of the Albanians because "Vredi" has fewer MPs and will enter the Government and that the spirit of the Framework Agreement is being violated, Gashi replied that the principle of a winner-to-winner coalition is not part of the Framework or the Constitution.

- Чa man who knows the Framework Agreement and the Constitution of RS. Macedonia is clear to him that this is not part of the Framework Agreement at all. Maybe he forgot, it was the "May Agreement" that he signed with Nikola Gruevski and that he himself broke, but such an agreement was never part of Уher attitude did not rise. И there cannot be such an agreement in the Constitution, because it goes against every democratic right. The government is formed with 61 deputies, with a majority, and on the other hand, the Albanian coalition "worth it" received 107.000 votes, which completely brings the legitimacy of the Albanians in this Assembly Said Gashi.

Ahmeti: The Ohrid Agreement is in danger

And while the future parliamentary majority is preparing for its rule, the opposition DUI and its partners in the "European Front" Coalition, unable to come to terms with the fact that they will be in opposition for the next four years, organized a meeting in Tetovo yesterday at which President Ali Ahmeti announced that the Ohrid Agreement is threatened and demanded that the legitimacy be respected. The "European Front" also adopted a declaration and announced that it would inform the international community.

"We state the necessity of implementing consensual democracy in accordance with the spirit of the Ohrid Agreement and the Constitution. We repeat that the government coalition partners must be determined by the political will of the two largest communities in the country, Albanians and Macedonians, as well as the legitimate representatives of other communities, expressed in free, fair and democratic elections, in the form of customary law implemented in our country. which enables legitimacy, functional democracy, social cohesion, consensus and fair representation in decision-making. Therefore, democracy in our country can be functional and stable only when the majority community respects the legitimate representatives of the political will of the Albanians, Turks, Roma, Bosniaks and others. In our country, consensual democracy means organizing communities into political parties and participating in elections to gain the legitimacy of their countrymen, and this will of our communities must be respected by the mandate holder. Disregarding legitimacy enables the establishment of ethnic hegemony and represents humiliation towards Albanians, Turks, Roma, Bosniaks and others. This mono-ethnic majority, which violates the legitimacy of other ethnic communities, burdens coexistence, democracy, and we should not allow it all together. We, the domestic forces and the international community, as guarantors of the Ohrid Agreement and facilitators of the May Agreement, must not allow a reversal, the cancellation of the joint achievements so far and must prevent a repetition of disrespect for the political will and legitimacy and the sovereign because we all bear responsibility for the peace, security, stability of our country and the region" is highlighted in the political declaration of the "European Front".

Constitutive session in the assembly / Photo: Dragan Mitreski/Sloboden Pechat
Ali Ahmeti / Constitutive session in the assembly / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

Earlier, the wing of the Alliance of Albanians, translated by Ziyadin Sela, said that "Vredi" received the smallest ministries so far.

- During these three decades, Albanians led at least 5 out of 15 ministries, 6 out of 15 and finally 8 out of 16 ministries, without mentioning the ministers without portfolio and deputy prime ministersyou. Sis happening for the first time that Albanians lead only 4 ministries in the announced government, out of 16 ministries. Even worse, they will make legal changes to be 4 out of 19, which will be a political-institutional execution of the Albanians in the RSM - announced Sela's party.

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