The many names of nationalism

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Patriotism is a serious, above all rational, and not an emotional matter. Because the dividing line between patriotism and treason can be very thin, especially when that border is drawn subjectively.

On the threshold are one of the most significant, and perhaps historically the most fateful elections, where it will be decided which path Macedonia will take in the extremely tense geopolitical and security circumstances in the world, Europe and especially in our fragile Balkans. Everything is known: which parties and coalitions will participate, the names of the candidates for president and deputies, the programs with priorities and goals have been published, all the red and other lines, conditions and blackmail for the post-election coalitions, the traditional "python" parties of " "sunflowers" turned to their old/new "suns", the names of some candidates became slogans, the possible candidates for the new prime minister are also known...
In the elections, everything is clear regarding the parties of the current government. She will be judged according to what she (didn't) do, which everyone sees with their own eyes, hears with their ears and feels in their daily lives. There will not be much room for lies and demagoguery and therefore there is no need for special explanations. The opposition, on the other hand, will be observed according to what it promised and possibly from what the electorate remembers from its decade of rule.
Therefore, attention should be directed to the opposition, which, from its comfortable position, promises "honey and milk", but also to its character when exercising power, elements that, due to the Macedonian short-memory syndrome of the majority of the voters, are quickly forgotten. Especially due to the fact that the opposition VMRO-DPMNE started its pre-election campaign for these elections and imposing a negative perception of the government on the citizens, with the help of its well-bribed media phalanx, immediately after the failure to form a parliamentary majority and a government after the extraordinary elections in 2016 and the regular ones in 2020 year.

Macedonia will be returned to the people!

The system of functioning and governance, regardless of whether it is in power or in opposition, similarly to all authoritarian parties and regimes, VMRO-DPMNE places it on national-populist, national-dogmatic (A. Chupeska), clientelistic, corrupt and emotional foundations, and some kind of "scientific national socialism" (G. Spasov) is being forced in the pre-election by the presidential candidate. Already knowing the traditional corrupt and emotional weakness in the mental code of people in our country, especially the ignorant, the poor and the marginalized, the unrealized, the vain, the sunflowers, but also a large part of the intellectual structures - he constantly flatters the people by verbally putting on the pedestal, it is declared that it does not want intermediaries between the party and the people, but that it addresses and communicates directly with the people, exalting its role to the heavens: the people are always right, never wrong! "VMRO-DPMNE is the biggest force for change that Macedonia must return to the people", the recently appointed leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, will point out. Then in the same style to make a point. "Your decision, but our joint victory for new energy of people who unconditionally love Macedonia." Together, with the enormous power of the people, from today we begin the last and final act of getting Macedonia back and Macedonia being yours again, ours, yours"!
After this, the question necessarily arises: does Macedonia love itself only as DPMNE loves it, or are there other ways of loving it that are much more progressive, more effective and less corrupt!?
In this context, it is necessary to mention a few more, basically, nationalist theses and their variations, which this party and one and the same structure close to it persons from the Academy, the faculties, the non-governmental sector, the media and the Church traditionally use massively and aggressively, especially in the primaries.

First and basic is the thesis about "patriots and traitors", where, in principle, the "patriots" are DPMNE, and the "traitors" SDSM and others who think differently from them. During the coup attempt in the Parliament, during "Bloody Thursday", on April 27, 2017, the variant for "constitutional defenders", who "defended the Constitution", was placed when a legal parliamentary majority was formed from the coalition of SDSM with DUI and other Albanian parties, and when Talat Xhaferi was elected president of the Assembly.
During the period when the "French proposal" was announced, which enabled the first step for the start of North Macedonia's negotiations with the EU, the "Macedonians" appeared on stage. Let's say they took the favorite expression against the Macedonians - "Macedonian donkeys" from Vancho Mihailov (by the way, among world Slavists, Macedonian means a student of the Macedonian language), instead they presented themselves as the greatest defenders of the people, identity and history.

But this "movement" was condensed and quickly died out, because it did not cause a national-patriotic eruption! Because his greatest faults were, firstly, that he did not specify which Macedonian identity, language and history were being defended - the ancient or the Slavic one, and, secondly, that the Macedonian national identity and language have been internationally verified and no one can either change it or took it away from us. These categories are historically and practically confirmed and recognized by the UN, EU, NATO and almost all countries in the world. Of course, except for one frustrated neighbor who in the twenty-first century is dreaming his 19th-century San Stefano dream without respecting the world standard for self-determination, self-identification and international verification.

Legalists "actively block" laws and the state!

They continued to search for new expressions that would not be associated with nationalism. Overnight, the nationalists became "legalists", "defenders of the Constitution and the laws", even though they constantly violated and obstructed them in the Parliament and in the institutions, with an "active blockade", which they are proud of! "Legalism" should also include the world's unique "legalist" feat, when as a party they completely captured the state, all its laws and institutions. The "legalists" were soon modified into "sovereignists", therefore, their primary concern was the preservation of the sovereignty of the state (not at any cost in the EU!), and the dignity of the people (they do not work according to Bulgarian dictates!). And, on the other hand, they are allegedly in favor of joining the EU, where each country gives up part of its sovereignty in the interest of common interests. Aren't Germany, France, Poland, Italy sovereign states with dignified peoples... who have ceded part of their sovereignty to the EU, because it implies development, standards and benefits, and that would be a problem for Macedonia. By the way, what happened to the country when it gave part of its "sovereignty" to NATO, so now it is an equal, externally protected and safe country.
Finally, in order to help the "most Macedonian party" in the elections, the MOC also got involved, for the umpteenth time, with the very clear statement personally of the head, indebted to this party for his election many years ago, who preached metaphorically: "Sad is when the wolf will attack the sheep, but it is even sadder and more terrible when they are attacked by the shepherd, when the one whose role it is to protect the flocks from the wolves becomes a wolf. And it was sad when others denied us from the outside by representing their interests, but it is incomparably sadder when we deny ourselves from the inside by representing other people's interests as our own. There are some Macedonians with anti-Macedonian actions who, either for personal gain or in the service of other people's interests, are ready and willing to deviate from Macedonian history and the Macedonian language."
This is said by a man who, because of his position, should unite, to whom all of his flock should be the same, and not divide, because believers and respecters of the Church are also people from the coalition of the party in power, but also people who they are neither in the government, nor have anything to do with it, but who think differently from the leader of the MOC and the leader of VMRO-DPMNE.

Patriots with bruised chests!

After such national-populist theses, promoted by the "most Macedonian party", as "the only protector of the people", became profitable in Macedonian society, in the interest of political profiteering, i.e. to win or preserve power, divisions began in Macedonian society along several lines: ideological-political, intra-national, international, religious, social, economic, status... It seems that currently these divisions, especially political, intra-national, international and social, have been brought to an extreme level. Similar, but with its own specifics, is also happening in the Albanian campus. And that is why the presidential and parliamentary election processes are set by the parties to the level: to be or not to be. Life or death!
For the situation in the Macedonian society to be brought to the level of absurdity, today, in their pre-election frenzy in order to win the elections, those who started and forced the divisions, are talking about unification! Those who, with politically organized crime, divided the state and filled the institutions with party soldiers, so we reached the stage known as "MVRO-VMRO" and the world precedent - a captive state, are now talking about a legal state, the rule of law, departmentalization and professionalization of the institutions. Those who, with antiquization, were looking for deeper roots than the Slavic ones and brought a part of the people into identity confusion, would now defend the Macedonian identity, language, history, but they don't say which one - the ancient one or the Slavic one? Alexander the Great's Macedonia or Michael the Apostle's Macedonia?
Those who, together with DUI, introduced the principle of impunity with the amnesty of the Hague cases, are now demanding the renewal of the four Hague cases and would have fought for DUI to go into opposition! Those who ruled nepotistically - five of the authoritarian top were cousins, godfathers, business partners - now announce zero corruption, nepotism and crime! Those who would restore Macedonia's dignity, do not say which dignity they mean - is it that of more than 25.000 eavesdropped citizens, politicians, intellectuals, journalists, diplomats, and themselves? Will they restore the pride of Macedonia from the time when it was internationally isolated and marked as an authoritarian, captive and criminalized state, with thousands of innocently arrested and detained citizens for a different attitude from the ruling one, repressed and extinguished media and limited freedom of speech? The creators of fake news and perception would fight to find out the truth about everything that is happening in the country! Those who for years obstructed our joining the Euro-Atlantic family, would have brought us into Europe with corrections to the Prespa Agreement and the "French proposal"! So, in VMRO-DPMNE, everything is the same, only he is not there, but his conductor's baton is noticeable!
Patriotism is a serious, above all rational, and not an emotional matter. Because the dividing line between patriotism and treason can be very thin, especially when that border is drawn subjectively. True patriotism is recognized by deeds, not by self-declaration and bruises on the chest! A true patriot is the one who puts his finger on his forehead, not the one who punches his chest!

(The author is a journalist)


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