Many narrow streets on the way to broad government

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Mickoski's demands for a delayed validity of the constitutional amendments are unrealistic, the most that can be done is Kovacevski's offer - that the delay be until the Second Intergovernmental Conference. The German Bundestag will soon pass such a resolution for the guarantees that Mickoski is asking for the Macedonian identity, language, and culture, say the SDSM

Prime Minister and SDSM leader Dimitar Kovacevski is expected tonight да get authorization from the highest party bodies to continue talks with VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski about the package offer - constitutional changes, the opposition party to become part of a broad government, which would then organize early parliamentary elections. It is not expected that at the meetings of the Executive and the Central Board of the Social Democrats, details of the future strategy will be discussed in order to successfully finalize the entire process, that is, the point is that the highest party bodies will give Kovacevski a free hand to push the process.

It is also possible to form working groups or party teams for negotiations with VMRO-DPMNE, information that was already mentioned by the Vice Prime Minister for European integration Bojan Maricic, but according to a high-ranking official from SDSM, a new leadership between Kovacevski and Mickoski would first follow, which would determine whether the proposal of the social democrats is acceptable to VMRO-DPMNE.

Although SDSM officially declares that VMRO-DPMNE has de facto changed its position and accepted constitutional amendments and participation in a government for a European future on a parity basis, still unofficially, a senior official from the party says that if Mickoski's party accepts to vote for the constitutional amendments, there will still be negotiations for the entry of VMRO-DPMNE in a broad government, i.e. which portfolios would it receive. If the work starts, positions will still be built for Mickoski's proposal that the transitional government should not be headed by an Albanian prime minister, but by a prime minister elected by the majority in the Parliament. According to an officialт, Mickoski's demands for delayed validity of the constitutional amendments are unrealistic and that the most that can be done is Kovacevski's offer - the postponement should be until the second intergovernmental conference. Regarding the guarantees requested by Mickoski for the Macedonian identity, language, and culture, SDSM says that the German Bundestag will soon vote on such a resolution.

Unofficially, the expectation is that international representatives will also push the management of the entire process.

Maricic said in an interview for MIA that tonight will define themAt the next steps with specific ideas about working groups with the opposition.

"We have constant communications, but we will officially address the opposition to open this dialogue. Pthis afternoon we will define these next steps and we will act quickly in an intensive action in communication with the opposition to sit down and not waste time, to use this positive moment and positive energy that arose from the leadership meeting and unloaded from the previous positions". led Maricic.

He says it is important that the opposition moved from a deadlock and in some way changed it so farnote firm position that there will be no constitutional changes at any cost.

"It's good that they saw it, realized the need for consensus and from, let's say, a position in which we will not block ourselves as a state, and now it remains for them to show that good will in action." "They have a helping hand from the government, the prime minister gave a concrete offer on the spot for the sequence of steps," Maricic said.

According to him, the opposition did not reject it she idea and gave only some additional conditions и it's worth sitting down and talking about.

Contrary to the position of the SDSM, which is waiting for the opposition to declare whether Kovacevski's proposal is acceptable in order to continue the negotiations, VMRO-DPMNE is also waiting for the next step for the aber social democrats to declare whether their proposal is acceptable for them - that the constitutional amendments apply after Macedonia will become a member of the EU, broad or transitional вlada without a DUI that will organize elections and guarantees from Еthe European сabout the Macedonian identity.

VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski said about the expectations from the meetings of the SDSM party bodies that Kovacevski should resign.

"It is strange that today Kovacevski is holding meetings for proposals that he previously rejected, which is proof of his wrong judgment. He should resign because of that and because of all the crises he has plunged Macedonia into. The nervousness is in SDS because DUI is going into opposition and some of the reasonable ones in that party know that VMRO-DPMNE will lead an uncompromising fight against crime in all ranks. If they were not wrong, they should not be nervous. We expect Kovacevski to cope resignation", Stoilkovski said.

The president of VMRO-DPMNE Mickoski, in an interview for Sitel, said deck of leadership meeting with Kovacevski offered three dates for autumn electionsva or broad government, as well as a protected identity and rapid integration into the European Union.

"I told him my proposal for elections that would take place this fall, as three possible dates I proposed September 24th, October XNUMXst or XNUMXth. Let's go to elections, whoever is defeated should support the winner in defense of national interests. So let's demand a guarantee for the centuries-old Macedonian identity, culture, tradition, uniqueness, custom and language from the European Council, and I undertook to put that point on the agenda through the prime ministers of member countries. And since we all say that no one is against the Macedonian identity, then there is no reason why that point should not be on the agenda and to get such a document that will be a confirmation of the Macedonian identity, by the highest European body, which is the European Council, where consisting of heads of government and states from member states of the European Union. And on the other hand, we will see the true intentions of our eastern neighbor, whether identity is a problem or not," he says Mickoski.

He added that it is important that the constitutional amendments apply when Macedonia becomes a member state of The EU repeated that VMRO-DPMNE does not intend to support any constitutional amendments that will mean uncertainty in the negotiation process.

Although both Kovacevski and Mickoski propose a broad government in which the opposition parties of the Albanians would also participate, neither Besa nor Alternativa have declared whether they would be part of such a transitional government.

"Currently, we cannot make a statement about the talks at the leadership meeting without the participation of any Albanian representative. It is not important for the Besa Movement whether or not it will participate in the technical government, for us it is important that the offensive wording "20 percent" be removed from the Constitution and replaced with the Albanian language. If there is such an offer, of course the party authorities will decide on that," said Besa.

And Alternativa says that for now there is no such offer and that they cannot speak hypothetically.

"If there is, we will see what the format would be and what the agenda is." Of course, the party authorities will decide on all such offers. So far, no one has talked to us", they say from Alternativa.

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