"I am very tired, I am going up tonight…": Honestly and emotionally with the author of the book dedicated to Tose

Tose Proeski
Sonja Aleksoska Nedelkoska and Tose Proeski / Photo: Private archive

Honestly and emotionally with Sonja Aleksoska Nedelkoska, journalist and author of the book "This is not the end" dedicated to Tose Proeski.

We should not only remember Tose on the day of his birthday and the day of his departure for the stars. We need to constantly remember his character and work, because he deserves it.

- When talking about Tose Proeski and when you have the task to write about life and career, above all you should be honest with yourself. Every fabricated or false word does not fit his work, because he left his career pure as a tear, lived a short life, but left wealth, and through his existence spread love, honesty and sincerity - Sonja starts the conversation, who in many moments of his life witnessed everything that Tose was and was doing.

Tose and Sonja / Photo: Private archive

- to this day I remember the times when I dream Tose TIME ME Gazeta, the book featured three years BIG SUPPORT Proeski family, to whom am very grateful they gave me confidence, and I had the honor to execute this difficult AND RESPONSIBLE WORK, TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT TOSE.

More than 80 interlocutors, from Macedonia and abroad, share their memories in the book…

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