Young people from Northern Macedonia visited the Sofia Diocese

Young people visiting the Sofia Diocese
Young people visit the Sofia Diocese / Photo: MIA

A group of Macedonian Orthodox young people from the Kichevo region visited the Sofia Diocese. They were led by monks and nuns, spiritual children of the abbot of the Bigorski monastery, Bishop Antaniski Parthenius, published on the website of The Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

As reported by the MIA correspondent from Sofia, the youth learn church singing in the school of church singing in Kicevo, under the spiritual care and guidance of the nuns from the monastery "Most Holy Mother of God - Pure".

He welcomed the guests in the hall of the Sofia Metropolis the Bishop of Belogradchik Polycarp, Vicar of the Metropolitan of Sofia and Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte. Bishop Polycarp greeted the guests on his behalf and on behalf of Patriarch Neophyte. For their part, they greeted the bishop with a spiritual song about the Nativity of Christ.

Bishop Polycarp blessed the young people and asked them to convey greetings and respect to their spiritual father, Bishop Parthenius, as well as to all the monks from the Bigorski Monastery and the women of the monastery.

The guests were treated to sweets, and all received a gift bag, a blessing from His Holiness Patriarch Neophyte.

Before coming to Sofia, the young people from Kichevo paid homage to The Rila Monastery, where they participated in the Sunday Holy Liturgy and were welcomed by the abbot and monks of the monastery. In Sofia, they visited the Metropolitan Church "Holy Week", the ancient Christian church "St. Sofia ”, the Russian church“ St. Nikola ”built in 1914 and the patriarchal church“ St. Aleksandar Nevski ”.

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