A young Serbian policewoman involved in prostitution was arrested after an explicit video surfaced

photo: Free Press, archive

After a few months ago, the Serbian police was rocked by a big scandal after the published explicit video showing two policemen, a man and a woman, the identity of the young woman, who was arrested on suspicion of participating in an elite prostitution network, was revealed.

The 27-year-old policewoman from the explicit video that recently shocked the public was released to defend herself after being detained and questioned today on suspicion of prostitution, she announced. Kurir.rs.

The portal does not state whether it has been revealed who the policeman in the video is and whether there will be any sanctions against him.

As Kurir learns, her colleagues approached her when she came to work at the police station in Belgrade and told her to take off her uniform and change. After that, they handcuffed her and took her for questioning.

Two months ago, a video appeared showing a young female police officer orally satisfying a colleague in the toilet of a police station. After the publication of the video, the police started an investigation, which led to another girl, who was not employed by the police, but was a member of the alleged prostitution network. According to sources in the police, she allegedly admitted that she was involved in prostitution, and revealed who she worked for.

According to the same sources, the girls received payments of up to 1.000 euros from rich clients, and were often seen in the company of celebrities and participants in reality shows.

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