New Moon in Cancer: What does it mean for your zodiac sign?

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As a cardinal sign, Cancers are visionaries, motivated to set ambitious goals and initiate big projects. Today, June 28, this emotionally charged astrological event could be one of those young moons that actually feels more like a full moon. But instead of being the climax, it will serve as a springboard to a dream that is associated with your sense of security and inner bliss.


This new moon falls in your fourth house of life, squared with Jupiter in your sign and in the first house of yourself, so that you can find yourself shaking hands with your loved ones because you feel like you want to stand in your sense. yourself. However, going through this challenge can enhance your security and your sense of calm.


With the new moon in your third house of Jupiter square communication in your twelfth house of spirituality, you will be especially in touch with your intuition and curiosity. Think about how you want to convey your dreams and desires to friends and even siblings.


As the new moon falls in your second house of income, squared with Jupiter in your eleventh networking house, it can be a crucial moment to dream or start a new venture to make money with a little help from your friends.


Falling into your first house on yourself, this new moon is your opportunity once a year to acknowledge your needs and set a powerful intention. As you face Jupiter in your tenth house in your career, your ambitions are high, so it might be time to flutter your wings to make professional dreams a reality.


With your season just a few weeks away, this new moon falls in your twelfth house of spirituality, squared with Jupiter in your ninth house of adventure. You will probably be quite restless, dreaming of travels and passionate projects that you want to accomplish in the near future. It is time to clarify your ultimate vision.

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Landing in your eleventh networking house, you will be focused on teamwork and collegial relationships. And because your eighth house of emotional connections is also activated, carrying a heart in the palm of your hand can speed up the joint effort.


With the new moon in your tenth house of public image, squared with Jupiter in the seventh house of partnership, you realize that the people you align with should be on the same side with you if you have any hope of achieving great professional goals. Maybe it's time to prioritize the relationships that support you.


Your ninth house of adventures and the sixth house of your daily routine are activated with this new moon, so you may be comfortable with the idea of ​​taking a leap of faith in order to improve your daily hustle and bustle, well-being and sense of inner balance.


The new moon activates your eighth house of emotional connection and your fifth house of self-expression and romance (where your ruler, Jupiter, transits), so it's awkward. Talking about your needs between the sheets and the things of the heart can prepare you for a more fulfilling relationship in the future.


Your seventh house of partnership and fourth house of home shape your focus during this new moon, so that your inner life and one-on-one relationships are at the top of the list. What needs to change to strengthen both reciprocity and your sense of security?


This new moon falls in your sixth house of daily routine and opposes Jupiter in your third house of communication, so it is time to commit to habits that will enhance your well-being. If you are not sure what it might look like, talking to friends can be a wonderful first step.


With the new moon activating your fifth house of romance and self-expression while squaring Jupiter in your second house of values, you think about how you value yourself and express your needs. You may be inspired to take an encouraging attitude.

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