New Moon on December 13: Four signs that will be lucky in love

Photo: Pexels/ Alexandro David

The last New Moon in 2023 could change the life of several zodiac signs forever, as it happens with the conjunction with Mars. This means that the karmic tasks of the future will be solved in mid-December, so fasten your seat belts.

Karma does not sleep. When it seems that nothing new will come into your life, the planets will surely send you absolutely amazing events. This is exactly what awaits us on December 13 at the New Moon in Sagittarius, which will happen with the conjunction of the Sun, the Moon and Mars.

It is important that Mars transmits the energy of the node of the future in Aries, creating an active and fiery atmosphere of fast, sudden events in life. In addition, Mars symbolizes men, so a new partner may appear in the life of many women – the New Moon always brings the beginning of a new cycle in life.

These are the four zodiac signs that will feel the influence of the New Moon the most and will be lucky in love:


The New Moon is happening in your relationship sector, which means you could suddenly have a new partner. Moreover, the situation can happen during a trip or you meet him through social networks or dating sites.

Be sure that this person is your karmic partner, because Mars controls the node of future karma, and in 2024 your union can become official.


The New Moon appears in your love sector, which means that you can meet a new person on their initiative. By the way, it could be a stranger, a teacher, a lawyer or a person with some serious title – Mars rules the success sector of your chart.

Be sure that the romance will develop quickly, because the New Moon on December 13 is in the mutable sign of Sagittarius – you will have to quickly adapt to the circumstances and proposals of your partner.


This is your New Moon and your rules. You will be so attractive that the Universe will surely send you radiant and sudden love. On December 13, the Moon, Sun and Mars will join in your sign, while the node of the future will be in the love sector.

It is very likely that you can experience a serious intensity of passion, because the Moon in your chart rules the sector of sexuality – prepare for a stormy and sweet period.


On the New Moon, there will be a connection between the ruler of the sector of the partner in the travel sector - you can meet love during a business trip, training or with the help of relatives.

Be open, because your relationships have a lot of attention from the Universe during December. Mars will bring interesting people into your life until the end of 2023, but expect the most significant event in the middle of the month.

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