Mitreski: Macedonia needs the EU, we will not remain hostage to VMRO-DPMNE

"Macedonia needs the European Union to bring European standards home faster," said Jovan Mitreski, holder of the list in IE 5 of SDSM.

He reminded that as a country we have not won anything easily, nothing has passed easily, we have not had any easy battles in whatever period of the past we look at. But thanks to the brave decisions of the SDSM, today we have an independent and independent state.

"We created an independent, sovereign, independent state of Macedonia without a budget, without an army, without weapons... But we became an independent state without victims, without wars that were happening in all the republics of the former Yugoslavia. One thing is the same then and now. And then and today there were and are self-proclaimed alleged patriots and the proclamation of alleged traitors. Then with slogans for cutting claws, today, for alleged Bulgarianization and assimilation. Lie after lie, manipulation after manipulation. Why? For small, petty, miserable, cheap political points and the struggle for power", Mitreski emphasized and added that time confirmed the correctness of those decisions and confirmed that true patriotism was, is and will remain the making of statesmanship decisions.

Mitreski emphasized that it is easy to just declaratively say that you are for the EU, and do everything to not become part of the EU, alluding to VMRO-DPMNE.

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