Mitko Janchev remains mayor, the list of ministers is being finalized

Mitko Jancev, VMRO-DPMNE, Mayor of Kavadarci / Morning briefing

Mitko Janchev still remains the mayor of Kavadarci and for the time being will not be part of the cabinet of the future Prime Minister Hristijan Mickodki.

He confirmed in a statement to the media that he discussed with the mandate holder Hristijan Mickoski about being part of the new government, but they decided to postpone the mayoral mandate.

-In mutual agreement and coordination with the mandate holder Hristijan Mickoski, and in the interest of the party and future government programs and visions, I remain leading the municipality of Kavadarci as mayor. This means that through local action, and in cooperation with the future government led by VMRO-DPMNE, I will continue to support all activities, projects and programs that will bring a better standard and quality of life - said Janchev.

According to information, Janchev was in the mix for Minister of Local Self-Government.

Tomorrow evening, after the sessions of the Executive and Central Party Committees, VMRO-DPMNE is expected to announce the names of their members in the new government.

As it is already unofficially known, the vice-presidents of VMRO-DPMNE will be hired in Mickoski's cabinet in key ministerial positions. The Minister of Defense will be Vlado Misajalovski, Minister of Finance Gordana Kochovska-Dimitrievska, Minister of Internal Affairs Panche Toshkovski, Minister of Foreign Affairs Tmcho Mutsunski, and Minister of Transport and Communications Aleksandar Nikoloski, who will also be Vice Prime Minister. Sanja Bozinovska will lead the new Ministry of Energy, Vesna Janevska is proposed for Education, Stefan Andonovski for Digitalization, Cvetan Tripunovski for Agriculture, Zoran Ljutkov for Culture, and in the new Ministry for Youth and Sports, Borko Ristovski will be the Minister. From the coalition partners of VMRO-DPMNE, Ljupco Dimovski from SPM will be minister without portfolio in charge of political system.

Yesterday, ZNAM officially announced that Goran Minchev is planned to be Minister of Administration, and Igor Filkov for Justice.

An alternative to Afrim Gashi is confirming its personnel in the Government tonight. Orhan Murtezani is being proposed as Minister of European Affairs, although the name of ex-minister Admirim Aliti was floated before.

Izet Majiti from the Democratic Movement will be the first deputy prime minister and minister of the environment. Arben Taravari is the proposal for Minister of Health.

BESA, on the other hand, two days ago announced its personnel Fatmir Limani for social policy and Besar Durmishi. From Vredi, Arben Fetai, who lived and worked in Belgium for many years, will sit in the chair for good governance.

According to the announcements, the government should be elected next weekend.

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