The rally in Chair sealed the split in DUI: the "Fire" are afraid of the "European" threats of Grubi and Ahmeti

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It's a matter of time toha ќis what happened the complete split in the ruling DUI between the "fiery" and "Ahmetists" after yesterday's rally of the party in Chair and after the exchange of messages between the leader Ali Ahmeti and the vice-president Izet Mejiti.

Ahmeti told the "fiery" Mejiti that, no matter how angry he is, he fully stands in defense of the ministers led by Artan Grubi and warned the "fiery" with the propaganda against Grubi not to be overwhelmed by the hurricane. Mejiti replied that he no longer recognizes either DUI or Ahmeti, that the gathering in Chair resembled the DPA rally in 2008 when Menduh Thaci announced "butchery" and not to hit his sons with the hurricane.

Grubi and the head of diplomacy and appointed coordinator of the party's chair branch, Bujar Osmani, on the other hand, bowed to the ground and glorified Ahmeti as the last revivalist of the Albanians, a missionary and a visionary.

The rally, which Grubi called the "blue ocean" according to the first vice prime minister, is a confirmation that both Chair, the bastion of the "fires", and Skopje belong to Ahmeti. Ahmeti, on the other hand, although in his address to the crowded "Shaban Trstena" hall, he spoke about unification and reconciliation, he told the "firemen" that he would not deviate from the decision of the majority, that is, that the request for a report from the ministers is a closed issue.

"Today, education, quality and professionalism are required, that's why I am very proud of the team that DUI has in the Government, and this pride increases when I receive compliments from international representatives about how good an image we have." We should support all those professional staff to show their skills, and not stifle DUI, because we have over 100.000 voters now and in the next 20 years," Ahmeti said. and added that the road to the EU does not stop with propaganda, "that's why Artan, we are not a train but an unstoppable hurricane and don't let the hurricane run over you".

Grubi said that reconciliation and unification are needed, but he also called Mejiti directly.

"All together we are thickening the roads of DUI for the interests of the nation and not the individual, because DUI is for all and not for the few. Chair is not bread, Chair and Skopje belong to Ali Ahmeti. Only the weak are afraid of competition. Nothing started and will not end with me or anyone else, only Ali's spirit Ahmeti should to be eternal because it is the best for the Albanians. One of us, who is not here today, said in front of 40 men and women of the Central Presidency: If this government builds Corridor 8, I will vote for it with both hands. Вthe lada. Keep your word, you gave it, you know who I mean." said Grubi.

Osmani thanked the leader zand the trust that mу Yesл to beе coordinator of the chair branch.

"Every resident of Chair felt the warm hand of Ali Ahmeti, invested in education, in training of personnel who make us proud, so thank you Ali Ahmeti. Chair activists are loyal to your policies and missions, visionary policies that always triumph." said Osmani.

The triumphalism that the DUI ministers wanted to portray from the meeting in Chair is not shared by Mejti. He told "Sloboden Pechat" that administrators and directors were brought to the gathering by order, that activists and officials were brought from several cities and that the large security that was hired for the rally was incomprehensible.

"European front" with threatening messages that a train will run over us, a hurricane will cover us forever, that is the DUI rally in Chair. It resembles the DPA rally from 2008 when Thaci called for "butchery", only now with the DUI emblem. I'm sorry that Ahmeti and DUI got to this point. For a whole month, they prepared a rally with famous names from pop music, with the "He is coming" campaign, in order to make a rally without sincere applause and without energy," says Majiti.

Due to the threatening messages of Ahmeti and Grubi, the "fires" fear for their safety because, as they say, the words of the leader are reflected in the base. They remind that in DUI there were physical liquidations due to disagreements in the party. The "fires" say that they remain DUI and that Ahmeti is on the move, let him exclude them from the party, if he has the courage.

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