Misovski: The entry of the Alliance for Albanians into the Government will bring new quality

The president of the NSDP Goran Misovski, whose party is part of the government coalition, believes that the eventual entry of the Alliance for Albanians into the Government will bring new quality.

"I am convinced that it can only bring quality. I like this idea of ​​forming a union of European Macedonia and I have been advocating it for years since I was a member of parliament. Isolation of those political structures that are against European integration, Misovski said in tonight's guest appearance in the central daily of "Sitel" television.

Regarding the issue of how to get a parliamentary majority for the constitutional amendments, Misovski's position is that the procedure for the constitutional amendments should start in the spring and that the day when the vote comes, everyone should have their say.

The disturbed relations with Bulgaria, according to Misovski, are part of the hybrid war being waged against North Macedonia. What needs to be done now, he says, is to calm the ball down, and he considers the meeting announced at the highest level between the ministers of interior affairs as a positive step. He believes that the celebration of the anniversary of the birth of Gotse Delchev on February 4 will be at the highest professional level.

"I regret that an unpleasant event took place in Ohrid and that the Bulgarian state leader fell under the provocations of a Bulgarian MEP. I think that now is the time for us, as responsible politicians and the Bulgarian leadership, to calm down the ball, but at the same time to protect our national dignity. It is our top priority. The contacts that are announced next week at the highest level between Bulgaria and North Macedonia are good. I have no doubt that Bulgaria is entering a pre-election period and unfortunately it is a tradition in the Balkan countries to go into unpopular politics, said the NSDP president.

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