Miso Kovach ended up in the hospital: His daughter revealed his health condition

Misho Kovach / Photo: Instagram/Misho Kovach

The legendary singer Misho Kovacs was urgently admitted to the hospital due to impaired health. As reported the local media, his daughter Ivana revealed the details of the singer's health condition.

Namely, it is a matter of high temperature. The singer ended up in KBC Split last night with an ambulance, and is currently in the pulmonary department. His daughter Ivana told the media that there was no need to worry.

"My father ended up in the Clinical Hospital Center in Split because he had a high fever." Nothing serious. For elderly people who already have some difficulties like him, they should go to the hospital…preventively. It is not the same as with us healthy people when we get a high temperature. "The doctors will keep him for a while and then let him go home," said Ivana Kovach.

By the way, Micho was supposed to perform on New Year's Eve in Vukovar last year, but had to cancel. He then developed a high fever. The singer then said that he was very sorry for disappointing the residents of Vukovar.

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