The Russian woman about the participation in "Miss Universe": Everyone avoided me because of my nationality

Anna Linikova
Ana Linikova / Photo: Instagram/Ana Linikova

The Russian Anna Linikova was chosen as Miss Russia and represented her homeland at the annual Miss Universe beauty pageant, which took place on January 15 in New Orleans, USA. She won the title of the most beautiful woman R' Bonnie Gabriel from the USA.

The representative of Russia says that she faced constant attacks, insults and threats from Ukrainian Internet users, and even negative comments from acquaintances. She did not want to comment on the war, although the representative of Ukraine Victoria Apanasenko she asked her opinion and attitude. Ana Linikova says that she is here for the match.

"Many people avoided me and turned away when they heard about my background. Girls from Ukraine and Switzerland ran away from me 'like fire'. Besides, everything about the selection of the first 16 girls was 'pure politics'. the beautiful Russian told "Vechernaya Moskva".


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She also says that the fact that she did not make it to the finals of the competition has nothing to do with the quality of her performance.

"I tried to get in touch with the Ukrainian woman, but all efforts were in vain. Everyone saw Victoria's demonstrative behavior – it's her choice, and I don't hold a grudge," added Miss Russia.


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The Ukrainian Miss, on the other hand, said that the organizers "obviously did not think enough" about how she will feel when she faces the Russian in the competition.

"I am more than grateful to Miss Universe for their support, but I am not sure that the organizers understand how it feels for me to stand smiling on the same stage with Miss Russia, and she is wearing a red dress - the color of blood," Victoria Apanasenko told "Daily Bust".

Footage of the group photo circulating online shows an interaction between the Russian and the Ukrainian at the event, with many pointing out that Linikova was trying to stand next to her "rival". At the same time, Apanasenko asked Miss Colombia to switch places.

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