The 151st anniversary of the birth of Gotse Delchev was marked peacefully and with dignity

He was commemorated yesterday in Skopje with high state honors, peacefully and with dignityа 151th anniversary of рthe going to the great world visionary and inspirer of the Macedonian revolutionary work and statehood, Gotse Delchev. On his grave in the church "St. Salvation" yesterday flowers were laid by the head of state, representatives of the political parties from the government and the opposition, civil society organizations and the Army, delegation one Bulgaria, citizens... The commemoration took place under strong police security, and for several days the street that passes by the church has been closed "Sv. Spas" is closed to traffic, and it is expected to be the same today.    

The event in honor of the birth of the flag bearer of the Macedonian revolutionary struggle, Gotse Delchev, began with high state honors and the Macedonian anthem. President Stevo Pendarovski laid flowers on Delchev's grave, and the government delegation was led by Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski. и they were the first in it vice prime minister and Minister of Political System and Relations between Communities Artan Grubi and Ministers of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska, Ministers of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski and Ministers of Culture Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojchevska. The delegation from the Assembly was led by the Vice President Goran Misovski, and flowers were also laid by the Chief of the General Staff of the Army, Lt. Col. Vasko Gjurchinovski, representatives from the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense, representatives from the Union of Fighters of the NOAVM and delegations of political parties.    

A service dedicated to the great revolutionary, Gotse Delchev, was held in the Church of Saint Spas, which was officiated by the head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church - Ohrid Archdiocese, the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, Mr. Stephen, in communion with the clergy.    

The celebration of the 151st anniversary of the birth of the great Gotse Delchev, at the morning official celebration in the church "Sv. Spas"passed in a peaceful and dignified atmosphere and in the spirit of the messages of the great Macedonian revolutionary work, Gotse Delchev.  

- The ideals of the great visionary Gotse Delchev, who more than a century ago understood the world as a field for cultural progress among peoples, are an understandable legacy and a roadmap for the policies of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, based on dialogue and respect, as top cultural and civilizational benefits. Delchev's messages about unity and cohesion, when it comes to national interests and state strategic goals, are equally relevant today. And they are a sacred obligation for everyone, while we build the Republic of North Macedonia into a society for all citizens and integrate it, after the largest security alliance, NATO, which is already a reality and as a full and equal member of the European Union, into the family of European nations and states, Prime Minister Kovacevski stated in his post on Facebook.    

The president of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, together with members of the party's leadership, laid flowers on the grave of Gotse Delchev. Mickoski to the security point near "St. Spas" came together with a larger group of members of the opposition party and the Patriotic Institute of VMRO-DPMNE. After laying flowers, he said that instead of getting closer, increasing our friendship, today, unfortunately, we are further away from our neighbors than at any time in our history.    

- Two feelings develop in me. The first is a sense of respect for the Macedonian, for the great Gotse Delchev for what he did for Macedonia, for what he did for the Macedonian people. We are proud to have such a man to celebrate and he is a part of our history, our Macedonian gene, and it is a feeling of satisfaction and happiness for every honest and honorable Macedonian. And the second is the feeling of disappointment, which was created for me today walking from that first barricade through the second barricade to here to this church and instead of getting closer, instead of increasing our friendship, today we are unfortunately further apart than ever before. our history, said Mickoski, who led the party delegation at the tribute to the great Delchev.    

After the delegations left, the police started letting groups of citizens go to the church "St. Spas" who want to pay respect to the grave of Gotse Delchev on the occasion of the 151st anniversary of his birth.     

A delegation from Bulgaria led by the Deputy Prime Minister also laid fresh flowers on the grave of Gotse Delchev in Skopjefrom and Minister of the Interior Ivan Demerdzhiev, who expressed the expectation that next year flowers will be placed on the tomb of the great man in the church "Sveti Spas" will pass jointly with his Macedonian colleague Oliver Spasovski.     

Asked about the enhanced security measures under which the celebration of Delchev's birth took place, he assessed that there was no need for, like what he said, such draconian measures.    

At the border crossing "Deve Bair" Bulgarian citizens who wanted to attend the celebration of Gotse Delchev's birthday are waitingа more classes to get into the country due to a fall on the control system, so пabout the long wait at the border, some of them went back to Bulgaria.     

- Unfortunately, there are data that a large number of Bulgarian citizens were prevented from doing so at the border. The mutual respect that we declare towards the people of North Macedonia is why I got the assurance that everyone will be given the opportunity to come and pay their respects to the apostle Gotse Delchev, said Demerdziev.    

Later, the Macedonian Ministry of Interior announced that three Bulgarian citizens were detained for disturbing public order and peace at the border crossing. "Deve Bair", to which the Court last night sentenced them to a fine in the amount of 300 euros and a measure of expulsion from the country and a ban on entering the country for a period of three years

Bulgarian citizens, 35-the year G.Z., 50yearsшnorfrom A.H., и 54-year-old RH (54), as the Ministry of the Interior announced, they were detained around 12:45 p.m. after they behaved insolently and inappropriately и firstо verbally with the most derogatory words, and then they tried to physically attack police officers who were taking official actions

Сo reaction to the celebration of 151- the anniversary of the birth of Gotse Delchev and the impossibility of their citizens attending, the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs came out. In a statement published on his web-country, the Bulgarian MFA rate that the commemoration of the 151-anniversaryand from the birth of Delchev did not contribute to the improvement of good neighborly relations and that "it will be noted that the Macedonian authorities did not allow Bulgarian citizens to pay respect to the great man".      

- With deep regret, we state that 04.02.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX will go down in history as the date on which the authorities in North Macedonia, with extremely unconvincing reasons and in violation of the assurances given in advance, did not allow Bulgarian citizens to pay respect to the work and life of Delchev . The Ministry of Foreign Affairs defines today's behavior of Вlada in North Macedonia as humiliating and unacceptable to the Bulgarian people and the Republic of Bulgaria, it is said, among other things, in the announcement from the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

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