It smells of more expensive electricity, but also of a cheap tariff for three hours

Beslimoski denied, as he says, the most vulgar speculations that the price of bread is related to the price of electricity.

The news that the state electricity producer made a higher offer for electricity cents as of July 1, unlike before, caused public anxiety. From their price, to the greatest extent, the final price of households and for small consumers applies, and the new price list, as every year, is published on July 1.

Awaiting the final calculations, the president of the Energy Regulatory Commission, Marko Bislimoski, assures that they, as a regulatory body, have never allowed a price shock on the standard of the population and reminds that much more difficult times have passed. At the same time, he emphasized that analyzes are being made and that we are expected to be the first country in Europe to have a three-hour cheap tariff.

- A decision of the Government was made, with which ESM would offer amounts of electricity to the universal supplier at a price of 60 euros per megawatt-hour and 85 percent of the needs of households and small consumers will be provided - explained Bislimoski.

The current price at which ESM sells electricity is 57 euros per megawatt-hour and it now supplies 95% of the needs of households and small consumers. Bislimoski says that he is concerned that it will now cover 85 percent, which means that 15 percent will be supplied on the free market.

- I am concerned about the 15 percent that will be procured on the free market, if current market prices are taken, as well as the futures, which, depending on the day, range from 80 to 90 euros per megawatt-hour, which is much more than the price of ESM. But, as before and now, we will use all the mechanisms so that they do not have a price shock for the standard of the citizens - says Bislimoski.

However, he says that he cannot give details about the new price from July 1, because there is still an open tender until June 20, and then he is waiting for the calculations of the universal supplier - EVN Home, which supplies electricity to households and small companies.

Bislimoski denied, as he says, the most vulgar speculations that the price of bread is related to the price of electricity.

- The largest producers of bread in the country provide their electricity needs on the free market, that is over 95 percent of the bread market. In the past period, electricity prices on the free market are far lower than those in 2021, 2022, or 2023. The average prices at which electricity is provided throughout the month are 50 to 80 percent lower than in the past few years - said Bislimoski.

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