Mircevski on the heroic move in the sandstorm: A truck hit behind us, we avoided an accident

Photo: TSC Backa Topola/Screenshot

The Macedonian footballer who plays for the TSC Backa Topola team, Martin Mircevski together with their teammates they prevented a bigger disaster after running into a sandstorm that caused as many as 12 cars to collide.

In a statement to "Sloboden Pechat", Mircevski told what happened and how they were lucky to avoid an accident.

"There was a sandstorm, luckily we stopped in front of the traffic where there were already several cars. We went to the right of the road and after a few seconds a truck hit behind us, here we avoided an accident. We got out of the car and started stopping cars from crashing and helping people. "Fortunately, there were no serious injuries or deaths, the ambulance and the police arrived soon," said Mircevski.

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