Mirakovska to the Bulgarian MEP: You can't tell me that I speak the wrong language, I'm Macedonian - that's my identity

Bulgarian MEP Yordanov and MP Sonja Mirakovska/Photo: Screenshot

Provoked by the statement of the Bulgarian MEP Aleksandar Jordanov, in which he indicated that the Macedonian Constitution should be changed in order to start negotiations with the EU, the MP Sonja Mirakovska replied to him with the words: You can never tell me or my fellow citizens that they speak wrong language. I am Macedonian, I speak the Macedonian language and I live in Macedonia, which is now called North Macedonia, and that is my identity.

Mirakovska participated in the debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg as co-chair of the Joint Parliamentary Committee of North Macedonia-EU.

Mirakovska emphasized the multi-ethnic character of the Macedonian society, which is an example in Europe.

- I recognize my fellow Albanians, Turks and Bulgarians if there are any. Macedonia is an example of a multi-ethnic society. Here are our colleagues who can confirm that. One big problem arose because of our long wait, which is getting Bulgarian passports: to buy a jeep at the beginning, to go to Europe, Mirakovska stressed.

The member of parliament from the ranks of the NSDP then explained how Macedonian citizens took Bulgarian passports and how this is a problem for Bulgaria that should be investigated.

- You have Bulgarian passports that are registered at a post office in a city in Bulgaria. You have Bulgarian passports that were issued in a completely illegal manner and this is something that should be investigated in the future. It is your problem that you should solve, Mirakovska emphasized.

She urged that the upcoming crisis is an opportunity for people to look each other in the eye and shake hands.

- This crisis will be difficult for us as a small country, but we are used to difficult conditions. The crisis will be more difficult for others, who are used to living better. We have been going through a difficult time for a long time and our citizens are going through a difficult road. When you are taught that way, you go through crises more easily. But let's become aware and be people among ourselves, so that we can move along the road, stressed Mirakovska.

The 20th meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Committee - Republic of North Macedonia and the EU has been held in the European Parliament in Strasbourg since yesterday, which is co-chaired by MEP Andreas Schieder and MP Sonja Mirakovska.

The Joint Parliamentary Committee - Republic of North Macedonia and the EU has been functioning since 2004 as a forum where members of the Macedonian Assembly and the European Parliament exchange experiences, opinions and views on current issues and to strengthen mutual partnership.


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