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Miodrag from Novi Sad has received 14 different vaccines and has a message for all those who suspect that vaccination is harmful

Miodrag Gezovic from Novi Sad has so far voluntarily received as many as 14 different vaccines. He tells Noisez.rs exactly what the vaccine does to the body, how effective and useful it is.

As a member of the Serbian army, he participated in peacekeeping missions in the city of Bangi in the Central African Republic. During the preparations for the road, among other things, there was a health preparation that included education on the preventive measures for protection against infectious diseases that are current in the area of ​​the mission.

"One of those measures was the mandatory vaccination according to the WHO protocol at the UN, and we were issued a so-called 'yellow passport'. Diseases that are almost forgotten in our country are everyday in Africa. "Malaria, typhoid, cholera, AIDS and many other diseases are very common among the population that largely does not have basic living conditions, to which we do not pay attention, because they are understood as: water, electricity, living facilities, sewage." Miodrag tells Noizz.

One month before leaving for his first mission in January 2016, when he was due to work as a medical technician, he received his first MMA vaccine.

He says he then received four vaccines, against hepatitis A and B, tetanus, typhoid and polio.

Just before the trip he received Stamaril, against yellow fever and a second dose of hepatitis A and B vaccine.

"After coming to Africa and starting work at the Serbian military hospital at the UN, I came across such diseases that our best infectologists and epidemiologists would seldom have a chance to see or treat. "Another vaccination was carried out in Africa itself, with the meningitis vaccine." says Miodrag.

After a successful mission and return to Serbia, he was very impressed with his role in it, so he immediately applied for a new EU mission and left again after 10 months. It meant he had to go through the same procedure again, but because he was vaccinated, it meant he was completely protected.

Two years after returning from the second mission, in 2019 he applied for another EU mission and according to the usual procedure received the vaccines that were necessary.

"Ducoral, against cholera and Menactra against meningitis and Typhim V against typhus. "There was no more fear, uncertainty or worry, because I knew where I was going, what awaited me and what the vaccines I received for my life meant." he explains.

As a healthcare professional, Miodrag was one of the first to receive a coronavirus vaccine. He chose the Chinese vaccine at Sinofarm.

"I'm not a 'waxer' or an 'antivaxer', but someone who has experienced in real life what it means to be protected from certain diseases while people around you are dying. "For me, the vaccine means salvation." concludes Miodrag.

Source: Noizz.rs

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