The Ministry of Health is conducting several investigations into possible abuses of patients' rights

press conference of Fatmir Majiti / Photo: Sloboden Pechat, Dragan Mitreski

The Ministry of Health is conducting several investigations into possible abuses of patients' rights and this will be a regular practice, the Minister of Health Fatmir Mejiti briefed today.

It intervenes with inspections, and where evidence is collected, the cases will be sent to the Prosecutor's Office. The My Term system is a hot chestnut. Until now, there are suspicions that in the "My appointment" system at several clinics, patients with connections are accepted in line, but also that surgeons schedule operations "privately", and for state ones, they tell patients that "there is no room". In the meantime, patients complain that there are no appointments, and the waiting period puts some patients in a life-threatening condition.

Also, according to "Sloboden Pechat" information, the Ministry of Health received a report that an emergency center had been operating for years in a hospital from the interior, which did not have a license to operate from the Ministry, so over 4 health examinations were performed there in 10 years.. According to the allegations in the report to Majiti, for those 10 examinations, the patients were charged a co-payment of 20 percent, but when it came time for the hospital to invoice the examinations to FZOM, the Fund refused to pay them because it had an unregistered emergency center. In this emergency center, diaries were distributed to the doctors according to the highest coefficient. The Ministry is investigating all allegations.

- I will not allow anyone to get rich from the health system and make a profit, but please stop labeling all medical workers, said Majiti.

The Ministry of Health expects the investigation of the Oncology Clinic to be completed as soon as possible in order to restore trust in doctors and the health system. Patients come to the Ministry of Health with their doubts about their oncology treatment and they are immediately forwarded to the Prosecutor's Office.

- In every step of the procedure, the Ministry of Health and the prosecutor's office are together and there must be an outcome. We appeal to everyone to give their knowledge to the prosecutors, appealed Minister Majiti.

According to "Sloboden Pechat", it will take several months and about 250 euros to return the KATO system to the Oncology Clinic in operation, but it would be a permanent solution to all suspicions of malpractices with doses. Such a decision to put the system into operation has not been made. In the meantime, the Ministry of Health and the Director of the Clinic are looking for a way to maintain control of the therapies. They are looking for responsible and honest personnel who would help maintain control.

- Soon we will come out with information whether the KATO system or a new system will be used, I cannot share now, but there will be such a system that will be for control and the most important thing is that there are really responsible people for that system to function as it should , says Mejetti.

The Ministry of Health will start a campaign for prevention and early detection of malignant diseases, which are best treated if detected early. It will probably be through systematic examinations and appeals to the population to be examined.

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