The Minister of Health: The hospital in Debar needs staff and equipment

Photo: Facebook, Bekim Sali

The Minister of Health Bekim Sally visited the General Hospital with extended activities in Debar, which offers health services to the residents of the Centar Župa Municipality, and, if necessary, to those from the Lower River region, the Mavrovo and Rostushe municipalities.

He informed about the visit through a post on Facebook, in which he states that this health facility needs investments in equipment as well as staff.

"I had the opportunity to visit the Debar hospital. First of all, I must thank the medical staff, who do their best to be at the service of the citizens and their needs. "The hospital in Debar has been facing a lack of investment for a long time, both in personnel planning and in professional equipment," Sally wrote.

He adds that in the conversation with the patients, doctors and staff of this hospital, they found that the hospital in Debar needs investments in equipment and staff to provide the highest quality health services.

The hospital continues to face a shortage, above all, of specialist doctors. Several recently retired, and other doctors are expected to retire in a few months. In the meantime, at least seven doctors are specializing in various medical branches at clinics in Skopje.

After the retirement of the current director Baki Alili, a well-known ear, throat and nose specialist, is the acting pediatrician Sevdie Kodza.

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