Minister Majiti on the case of the deceased Jana: We will contact the family, first to see what the mistake is


The Minister of Health, Dr. Fatmir Majiti, is waiting for the State Health and Sanitary Inspectorate to complete the extraordinary inspection at the Bitola hospital, and then, based on the facts, to share details about the case in which six-year-old Jana died. In relation to the case, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said that the director of the Bitola hospital, Dr. Aleksandar Obednikovski, is on his way to Skopje to have a meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Health.

- The Public Prosecutor's Office has been informed. All details will be shared with the public. The objective situation should be determined based on the facts, and based on those facts, appropriate sanctions should be made where necessary, Prime Minister Kovacevski said.

The Ministry of Health has not yet contacted the family.

- We will have contact with them, first to see what the error is. We are waiting for the outcome from the competent institutions, from the DSZI, and you will be immediately informed about everything we will do next, today during the day, said Minister Majiti.

The family yesterday in a statement to "Sloboden Pechat" claimed that the deterioration of Jana's health condition occurred in front of their eyes, while they were in the Bitola hospital, after pure glucose was administered to her already elevated blood sugar.

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