Minister Demiri canceled the tender for the KATO system of Oncology, due to a manual instead of an electronic signature

Oncology / Photo: / "Free Press" / Slobodan Djuric

The documents obtained by "Free Press" show that only one company applied for the tender, the only company in Europe that can develop the system.

Yesterday, the Minister of Health Dr. Ilir Demiri canceled the tender for the procurement of a unit for the central preparation of drugs with KATO software for the needs of the PHI University Clinic for Radiotherapy and Oncology, according to the documents obtained by "Sloboden Pechat". Only one company applied for the tender and it is actually the only company in Europe that can develop the system. However, their offer was rejected by the Ministry of Health, and the public procurement procedure was canceled on the grounds that the representative of the company documents he signed them by hand, and not with electronic signature.

We are talking about the company Hospital Plus D.O.O Serbia, which requested 419 thousand euros to put the Oncology system into full operation. With that money, the Oncology Clinic would save 970 euros on drugs in one year, say our sources who work with this system. The system for the central preparation of cytostatics with a KATO license allows every preparation of a drug or cytostatic to be monitored on a camera, i.e. to be recorded, the vials to be used to the maximum, there is no danger of manipulation of the doses and to know exactly where the drugs are in any time from the moment they enter the hospital until they are issued to the patient. Also, the advantage of the system used in hundreds of hospitals in the developed world, is in that it represents a cabinet that is safe for staff, who now prepare medications by hand, rather than with a gravimetric scale as would be the case if the KATO system were in use. In the meantime, the company that was rejected from the tender because of the hand-signed documents, has finished installing such systems in more countries from the region, and most recently in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Previously, the company installed KATO systems in Greece, Germany, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc.

But in Macedonia they did not pass the tender.

The decision to cancel the public procurement procedure comes after a recommendation from an expert committee that suggested Minister Demiri to cancel the tender. The Serbian company is the one that installed that part of the KATO system that is located at the clinic in 2017 as well. before the system is dismantled and forgotten held a training session with a pharmacist from Belgrade so that fifteen nurses would know how to use it.

In the explanation why the company Hospital Plus D.O.O Serbia was rejected, it is stated that "the statements submitted by the company are handwritten, not digitally signed". It is also stated that "the confirmation provided by the Financial Registry Agency (equivalent to the Macedonian Central Registry) is incomplete." It is added that "no document has been submitted that proves that no misdemeanor sanction has been imposed prohibiting the exercise of a profession, activity or duty", nor a "statement certified by a notary if some documents are not issued".

Among the other reasons for canceling the tender is the fact that the company did not put electronic signatures on the statements it submitted that it will supply spare parts and service for at least 5 years, but signed the statements manually.

No catalogs were submitted, which could determine the fulfillment of the minimum conditions of the technical specifications. The company also submitted a statement that the equipment will be new, factory assembled in original factory packaging and will be unpacked at the Clinic for the first time, but even that statement was not enough for the expert committee at the Ministry of Health, because it did not have a digital signature, but a handwritten one.

The company, according to the Ministry of Health, had to sign the documents with a digital certificate and that is the main reason why the offer was rejected. Minister Demiri digitally signed the decision to cancel the tender.


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