The minimum wage in Greece shows the huge differences between employees and employers

Protests in Athens/ Photo: MIA

Greece's national general collective labor agreement proposes a 4 percent increase in the minimum wage, saying that this percentage "reflects the real potential of businesses and can strengthen the entire economy." At the same time, this increase is linked to a series of measures such as the reduction of employee taxation and the cost of social security contributions by 2,6% in the period 2025-2027.

In order to increase labor income, Greek industry representatives highlighted their stance on reducing the taxation of paid labor, stressing that the tax burden in Greece in 2022 averaged 34,6% (19th highest position among 38 te OECD countries) and now it is imperative to reduce the taxation of paid employment.

Meanwhile, the countdown to the introduction of the new minimum wage has begun, as the government's decision will be officially announced on March 22. The increase from 40 to 50 euros also includes the government's scenario which, if implemented, will raise the minimum wage from 820 to 830 euros, from the current 780 euros. In recent years, minimum wages have risen by 20 percent from €650 in 2019 to €780 in 2023, while a government pledge calls for it to reach €950 in 2027.
The government did not "open the cards", but both Prime Minister Mitsotakis and Minister of National Economy Hadjidakis stated that the new salary will be over 800 euros. In the midst of the process of introducing the new minimum wage, it was established that the positions of employers and employees are separated by a "huge gap", of more than twelve percentage points.

According to the proposals of the social partners, the differences are insurmountable. Otherwise, the monthly salary in Greece is lower than the minimum wage in Romania, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Poland.

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