The minimum salary will be 20.500 denars, increases in the administration as well

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If someone opposes a salary increase, I think he will make a big mistake, and if a legal solution is to be brought, all political parties will probably support it, Bekteshi is decisive.

The Ministry of Finance has completed all the necessary calculations, which means that the announced increase in the minimum wage will be implemented, as well as the linear increase in wages in the public sector, informed the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi. According to the announcements of the government's economic team in March, the minimum wage will be around MKD 20.500 and this will apply to both the private and public sectors, and those funds are provided for in the Budget for 2023.

But in order to have equality, the salaries in the state administration should be linearly increased by 2.000 denars, funds that are provided for in all institutions, added Bekteshi. In the event that a law has to be passed, he is convinced that these plans will receive support from all political parties in the Parliament.

- We have introduced a legal solution for determining the minimum wage. The methodology is fully aligned with trade unions and institutions. Considering the increase in the minimum wage, I expect that there will be a linear increase of over 2.000 denars for each category of civil servants. If someone opposes an increase in wages, I think they will make a big mistake, and if a legal solution is to be brought, most likely all political parties will support it. We need to do everything in our power to increase salaries, due to inflation and the expectations of the citizens, and we will act in that direction as the Government. As reported by the Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, all projections and calculations have been made, which he himself announced - Bekteshi pointed out.

And the vice-prime minister for economic affairs, Fatmir Bitici, announced that there is a systemic solution for the minimum wage and pensions achieved through social dialogue.

- For this, there will be no more blackmails, there will be no bidding between unions and employers. We defined a methodology together, the criteria for the increase are the cost of living, that is, inflation and the increase in the average salary. It is a coordinated system solution - said Bitici recently. He added that in March, apart from an increase in the minimum wage, there will be an adjustment of wages in the public sector.

- In March, the salary in the public sector will be linearly increased by as much as the minimum wage has been increased. With the Law on Administrative Officers, everyone will be covered - said Bitici, adding that money in the budget has already been provided.


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