Milososki: We have documentation that an SDSM official and a DUI minister agreed with Gruevski on the amendments to the CC

Antonio Milososki / Photo: Screenshot / YouTube

A high-ranking official of the SDSM and a minister of the DUI agreed eight months ago in Budapest with the former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski about which articles of the Criminal Code should be changed in order to reduce his criminal liability, in order for him to influence and help to the constitutional amendments are approved and we have documentation for everything we claim, MP and member of the Executive Committee of VMRO-DPMNE Antonijo Milososki said today at a press conference at the party headquarters. According to him, the changes in the CC have a double purpose, the first is to amnesty officials from the current government, who, as he said, have been robbing the state in the past years, and second, to influence the processes related to Gruevski.
The amendments to the Criminal Code, Milososki added, were negotiated by SDSM, DUI and people from smaller political parties who want divisions in the opposition.

- We highlight what we claim because we have serious clues and documentation about the negotiations that representatives of the DUI and SDSM authorities had with the former prime minister in Budapest and through written communication here in Macedonia - said Miloshoski, when asked to comment on Gruevski's position , who wrote that the amendments to the CC do not cover all the crimes for which he is being prosecuted, which he values ​​as evidence that he did not bargain with the authorities.

Miloshoski emphasizes that intentionally or accidentally, the leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti said in an interview these days that VMRO-DPMNE headed by Hristijan Mickoski neither negotiated the changes in the Criminal Code, nor agreed to change the Constitution.

Willingly or unwillingly, with this the most prominent exponent of the government made a clear distinction between those who trade amnesty in order to reach constitutional amendments and their own legal protection and VMRO-DPMNE which listens to the will of the people and is against constitutional amendments and trade with the justice system for political material goals. With this action of SDSM and DUI, their goal is to amnesty two former prime ministers, and on the other hand, they are changing justice laws that would create personal benefit and protection for the current officials of SDSM and DUI. The aforementioned amnesty negotiators will not stop there. They are currently discussing a new law on amnesty that would save people close to the government from prison, but they have disagreements about which acts to cover in the law on amnesty in the Ministry of Justice and the government has different positions - said Miloshoski.

The agenda of SDSM and DUI, he added, in the following period has two primary political goals.

- One goal is to save the officials and to have amnesties for those who stole and abused the office, and the second is to use Gruevski for fragmentation in VMRO-DPMNE and thereby make it easier for them to possibly ease the constitutional amendments. We are telling SDSM and DUI and their clients not to underestimate VMRO-DPMNE, not to underestimate the people. The party has been tried, the parliamentary group is united and VMRO-DPMNE will under no circumstances vote for constitutional changes under Bulgarian dictation, and these political bargaining with amnesties in the Criminal Code will not save the current officials from responsibility if they consider this to be some kind of political down payment - Milososki said.

When asked by a journalist whether they are sure of the cohesion of the VMRO-DPMNE parliamentary group and whether it is still possible for a deputy to change his mind, Milososki mentioned the vote in the Parliament on August 18, when only 70 deputies voted for the agenda for the need to change the Constitution.

- The opposition is united and will remain united. There is not a single different opinion because the parliamentary group follows the attitude of the people who elected the parliamentary group to represent them in the Parliament. The parliamentary group, together with the Executive Committee and the President share the same position, which is reasoned and is in the interest of Macedonia. That is why we will not allow personal negotiations related to courts, cases, criminal codes, amnesties and the like to be the price of damage to the constitutional integrity of Macedonia - said Miloshoski.

When asked how the new situation with ex-leader Nikola Gruevski can affect, Miloshoski answered that VMRO-DPMNE has survived much greater turbulence in the past.

- This is because the idea and principles of the party are stronger than any person, current or former, who had a certain high role in the party. That's why I appreciate that VMRO-DPMNE will win even in this, I would call it, small turbulence in the next elections with a large number of MPs - said Miloshoski.

Asked if they would return the punishments to the CC if they won power, Milošoski answered that even after the legal changes, there were still enough good members on the basis of which someone who worked and acted illegally could be prosecuted for corruption.
Regarding the government's announcement that they will talk to each MP from the opposition individually to convince them to vote for the constitutional amendments, Milososki said that this would be unconstitutional behavior and no MP from VMRO-DPMNE would accept such an approach.

Mickoski and Gruevski have been in since yesterday verbal conflict, after Mickoski for the German newspaper FAC stated that  Gruevski is in secret communication with Kovacevski's government and is preparing dirty deals to bring about constitutional changes. Gruevski for this accusation last night asked for proof, and VMRO-DPMNE announced that it has it.

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