Milkov: Pendarovski talks about 12 Macedonians killed, but he doesn't know about thousands of Bulgarians killed

The Bulgarian technical minister for foreign affairs, Nikolay Milkov

Bulgaria will take all measures for the "Pendikov" case and they are already underway, the Bulgarian Technical Minister for Foreign Affairs told the Bulgarian BNT Nikolai Milkov.

He says that that when the attack on the secretary of the Bulgarian cultural club "Czar Boris Treti" in Ohrid Hristijan Pendikov happened, an initial panic arose in Macedonia.

- Тie at different levels admitted that it is a hate crime. After that they started to they sneak in scenarios that Pendikov is a drug addict and dealer, and the bravest claimed that Bulgarian clubs are places of organized crime and that they are financed by drug trade. This is a narrative we cannot share and we will take all measures - said Milkov.

Milkov already informed the ministers of foreign affairs of the EU member states at the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels.

- P. has been deliveredamended memorandum on these issues to all member states. A meeting with all the ambassadors of the member countries should be held in our country. Other mechanisms will be used, including the OSCE mechanism, which still has an observation mission in Skopje. We have the tools of the Council of Europe - specifies Milkov.

Regarding the celebration of Gotse Delchev's birthday on February 4 in Skopje, Milkov says that both countries but mainly the institutions in MMacedonia they must stay calm and to refrain from any provocations to ensure the necessary order, so that anyone who wants to can go and worship.

- As for the counterattack against Angel Dzambazki and other of our politicians, I think this is part of some new Macedonian narrative to minimize the attack against Bulgarians, the systematic attacks on Bulgarian clubs and communities there, which are escalating. Пwith the passing of a repressive law there, continued with arson for which he received a suspended sentence, followed by a shooting, and now a physical attack on a person who is a member of the Bulgarian community. There they try to impose shared guilt, that on both sides of the border there are crazy heads. There can be no such analogies - said Milkov.

He reminded that the focus of the French proposal is the respect of the rights of The Bulgarians in Macedonia.

Milkov commented on them as well the words of Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski:

- Кif a doctor of history I can say that if there are victims on one side, he mentions 12 people, I would mention thousands of people who were killed, 300.000 expelled between the two wars. He must have heard about Goli Otok, where after the Second World War hundreds of Bulgarians were interned and died just because they had Bulgarian self-awareness. They have no idea about their history because they haven't opened their secret service archives yet, we can help them with that if they want - said Milkov.

On Monday after the session of the Security Council, he was asked to comment on Milkov's statements that in The tradition of burning, shooting and violence against people is returning to Macedonia. the president Pendarovski said that the statement is hideous and unique may be correct if he means the period from 1941 to 1945.

- When the technical minister of foreign affairs has time, he can walk to Vatasha, to see part of that tradition - the president said Pendarovski.

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