Milivojevic and Aleksic demanded the resignation of Vucic due to the "debacle" in Kosovo: "He must bear responsibility"

Vice President of the National Assembly of Serbia, Miroslav Aleksic / Photo Youtube Screenshot

Opposition MPs Srdjan Milivojevic (Democratic Party) and Miroslav Aleksic (President of the National Movement of Serbia) today demanded the resignation of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic due to, as they stated, the multi-year destructive policy towards Kosovo and the latest debacle in Banjska with tragic consequences.

Aleksic told the Beta agency that for the lost lives in the north of Kosovo, Vucic must bear responsibility.

"After the armed conflict in Banjska, in which at least four people died, Aleksandar Vucic would have had to resign. Milan Radoicic could not have armed several dozen Serbs in the north without the knowledge and approval of Vucic and the Serbian security services. "These two are the most responsible for the spilled blood in Banjska," Aleksic said.

He added that the policy of the Serbian List, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and Aleksandar Vucic towards Kosovo has experienced a debacle and that Serbia is paying a high price for the destructive policy of the regime in Belgrade.

"In the last ten years, Vucic and the SNS handed over to Pristina all the institutions that the state of Serbia had in the north of Kosovo, and the Serbian people were left on their own. At the same time, officials of the Serbian List became enormously wealthy by developing businesses all over Serbia, built highways, buildings and hotels, became owners of huge real estate and even yachts. And now they have led to the certain death of young and innocent people," said the president of the National Movement of Serbia, Miroslav Aleksic.

Democratic Party MP Srdjan Milivojevic said that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will have to resign because, he said, he sacrificed the Serbian youth of Kosovo in the one-day war with Albin Kurti.

"If the vice-president of the Serbian List, Milan Radoicic, participated in that crazy act, then it is quite clear that the regime in Belgrade headed by Aleksandar Vucic is behind everything. "If it was organized by Radoicic or someone else without the consent and order from Belgrade, he would have already been arrested or it would have been the end for Vucic," Milivojevic told the Beta agency.

He pointed out that the state institutions will have to announce how many people died in Banjska, and how many were wounded and arrested.

"At the press conference on Sunday evening, Vucic announced all the incorrect information. "The government is obliged to inform the families how and why their loved ones died," said Milivojevic.

Kosovo Police Minister Dzhelja Svechlja published a video from the Banjska monastery on Facebook, in which the vice-president of the Serbian List, Milan Radoicic, can be seen in full military gear.

In the armed conflict between a group of Serbs and the Kosovo police that took place on Sunday in the village of Banjska in the north of Kosovo, according to the so far confirmed data, three attackers of Serbian nationality and one sergeant of the Kosovo police of Ubieni are of Albanian nationality.

For now, it is known that at least three wounded Serbs are in the hospitals in Novi Pazar and Pristina, and eight have been arrested by the Pristina authorities. Two Kosovo policemen were also wounded. The names of the killed, wounded and arrested Serbs have not yet been announced.

In the past two days, the Kosovo police seized a large quantity of weapons in the north of Kosovo, which it is assumed belonged to a group allegedly led by the vice-president of the Serbian List and a close associate of the president of Serbia, Milan Radoicic.

The Kosovo authorities assessed that an armed group of Serbs committed a terrorist act in the village of Banjska on Sunday.

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