Milevski: If tomorrow the Government decides on the French proposal, I will vote against it

Goran Milevski LDP Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

The president of the LDP Goran Milevski tonight he stated that if the Government's decision on the French proposal is requested tomorrow, he will be against such a decision.

"We still do not have a decision of the party authorities. If they insist on a quick process, let it be done without us. If they promised something without our consent, then let it be done without us. If they respect our views, then we should be given space to communicate that between us and with the citizens, to see if it is acceptable. In these circumstances, when there are diametrically opposed considerations for the same document, it is necessary for us to see all the facts, in order not to make any mistakes when making the decision. The biggest problem for us is education and history. Our position is to enter the EU as Macedonians, not as a second Bulgarian state," Milevski told TV24 after the meeting with President Stevo Pendarovski.

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