Milatović believes that no one should be excluded from participating in the Government of Montenegro

Jakov Milatović convincingly defeated Milo Djukanović in the elections in Montenegro/Photo: EPA-EFE/BORIS PEJOVIC

The President of Montenegro, Jakov Milatović, stated in an interview with Podgorica's "Vijesti" that he does not think that any subject should be excluded in advance from participating in the new government, including the Coalition for the Future of Montenegro (ZBCG).

"On a principled level, I cannot accept that any political entity that has won the trust of a certain number of citizens, including the ZBCG, can be excluded in advance from participating in the government. It would be a return to the undemocratic political environment before August 2020, and I am sure that in the past three years we have made significant steps in the democratic maturation of society. Judging from the media reports, a significant number of meetings were held between ZBCG representatives and Mandator Spajic. "We got the impression that the final agreement was not reached because of disagreements about the degree of representation of that coalition in the future government, and not because of different views on program priorities," Milatović told "Vijesti".

He also mentioned the URA Civic Movement, with which Spajic does not want to cooperate because of the Do Kwon affair.

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