Milanovic from Knin: We confirm the correctness of our path, we do not want to hurt others


Tonight in Knin, the President of Croatia and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Zoran Milanovi., Presented high decorations to the Croatian generals and said that in this way "the correctness of our path is expressed, not the desire to hurt others".

Speaking at a rally marking Victory and Thanksgiving Day, Croatian Veterans Day and the 26th anniversary of Operation Storm, Milanovic said the aim of the rally was to rejoice in their successes, not others' defeats, Hina reported.

"A lot of blood and heavy feelings fell to turn this into a kind of celebration. "We are here today to honor some of the best among you," Milanovic said.

He also presented the military police decorations to the Croatian Defense Council and the Ludwig Pavlovic HVO Special Purpose Unit.

Milanovic thanked everyone who came and congratulated the decorated and expressed hope that no one from the position of President of the Republic will ever award such decorations to military commanders, which means that there will be no war.

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