Milanovic: We have never had a more corrupt government than this one

Zoran Milanovic / photo: EPA

Zoran Milanovi. gave a great interview on an RTL show. He spoke about statements related to Ukraine, the relationship with Plenkovic and other daily political topics.

For Ukraine

The first topic is Ukraine.

"The government ended up on that extremist page. "Because he allegedly has close relations with Russia, Grlic Radman was in Moscow," Milanovic said.

"He invited Putin to Croatia," Milanovic said.

"I expect Ukraine to put these extremists in order. "I am not afraid," he said.

"I am not a Ukrainian enemy or a Russian friend. I did not exaggerate. EU reports say Ukraine is corrupt. We are the second worst. Ukraine has a problem, they must begin to solve it. They have separatists, that must be resolved.

"Plenkovic is acting as a Ukrainian agent, and I as a Croatian president. I do not slip with the Russians, I have never been there officially. "I am pro-Russian this week, I was once pro-American, you see how that is changing."

"Ukraine celebrates World War II heroes who are butchers of Jews, that is what they celebrate," he said.

"These people are just as bad or worse than Pavelic. "We have a problem," he said.

About the relationship with Plenkovi.

Plenkovi е is a poltron. He goes where he does not belong. This Ukrainian behavior is unreasonable, belligerent. It is not Serbia, on the other hand Russia. Kolinda was trying to build something with Russia, Plenkovi е is against everything. It is bipolar behavior It is difficult for me to explain. "I am only interested in the interest of Croatia," he said.

"Plenkovic and I have no communication, we have not discussed this. "He is in his own world, trying to defend corrupt ministers and the head of the cabinet."

"Is it normal for his friend to falsely fill out a police report, the prime minister is defending him, it is a crime," he said.

"Radman Grlic is a disgrace. He is incompetent. He is Plenkovi избор's choice. He speaks neither Croatian nor English. "When he has to side with the Croats in BiH, then he acts like a coward, resigning," he said.

"I have nothing against Ukraine, it is being destroyed by EU bureaucrats, according to the results of the EU survey, they are in big trouble, they are at the level of Kosovo." I am not afraid of Ukrainian hooligans either. Croatia is safe, we fought for that, he said.

"At least what I'm saying is being heard. I believe I am doing good for my people. "And, unfortunately, we are represented by the most corrupt sons and daughters," he said.

For BiH

"I follow that in detail, if we do not help them, if we do not fight for them in the EU, they will be reduced not to the status of a national minority, but to the status of a mat. It is the fault of those who allow and do nothing." It is a government led by Plenkovic. "They are doing nothing, they are scared and they are running away," Milanovic said.

"The bazaar is doing everything to obstruct the negotiations, they are negotiations with a fig in their pocket," he told Izetbegovic and Dzaferovic.

"I am the only Croatian politician who has been on both shores when it comes to BiH. I see everything. They rob them, the decision-making mechanism is taken away. Republika Srpska is a fact, a path to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Without Croats, there is no BiH. "That status is determined within the federation," he said.

For the increase

He was asked about the increase.

"I was prime minister in a much more difficult situation, I will repeat it a hundred times if necessary. I inherited huge deficits, huge interest rates… In this situation I would do something, the government is not doing anything. I can not tell you now what I would do, I am not the Prime Minister. This government is doing nothing. However, I would not say that the situation is catastrophic. "Inflation is being measured, it is far from what we once lived, there are several explanations," Milanovic said.

"Plenkovic protects people who are simply corrupt. "Anyone who knowingly falsely registers a residence enjoys the protection of the Prime Minister."

"Unfortunately, he and Grlic Radman were my ambassadors. That's right, you say? Frka-Petesic is from Zagreb, do you know what is written in the residence application, this is serious. The document describes what his place of residence is, it has nothing to do with Dugi Otok except that his grandmother is from there. He is registered in Zagreb. Has anyone from Zagreb used that right? "It is a crime, it is forbidden, in that form it says that if you knowingly give false information, it says you will be punished," he said.

"DORH does not exist after that scandal with Ljalac. We have never had a more corrupt government. "Never," he said.

When asked about his data, he said that it was protected data.

"I go where my duty calls me. I am a protected person. That is the end of the story, "Milanovic said when asked why he did not show information about his travels.

"This government is criminogenic, they wanted to destroy Hranja, they politically abused the inspection, the inspection said that everything is according to the law." "As for the diaries of the soldiers who follow me, it is a crime, let them sue him," he said.


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