Mijalkov kicked us out, now we are asking Bulgaria to save the Prilep house of the writer Talev, before it buys Turkey

"Dimitar Talev is one of the most unifying figures between Bulgaria and Macedonia. We must build bridges between the two nations, and Talev is an example, he loves Macedonia. We want the state to enter into direct negotiations with the owners of Talev's house, to buy it and preserve it," said Dimitar Panchev, heir of the Bulgarian writer Dimitar Talev, BGNES reported.

Нdescendants of the writer Talev, сthe student club "Khan Kuber" and the club "Patriotism and Patriotism" at a press conference regarding the possibilities and solutions for kthe house on Talev her called on the Bulgarian state to do everything necessary to preserve this, as they say, monument of Bulgaria in Macedonia.

- The house is falling down. We are driven from our land. Sasho Mijalkov, the director of the Directorate for Security and Counterintelligence drove us out of there and we returned to my father. The story of Dimitar Talev repeats itself, he was expelled, now I and my family were expelled. It's a shame for Bulgaria, not to collect more 100.000 euros for a house, a shame – said Snezhana Acheska.

She says that how the owner of Dimitar Talev's house, even after leaving the building, she brought Bulgarians to visit, and she received many insults from the neighbors.

- The politics of the politicians, I ask Bulgaria to show interest in this house. Let's return Dimitar Talev from where he left - Acheska said.

She told that the house is big with over 10 rooms.

- From that time I will leave two rooms, as well as a library full of Serbian, classical and secular literature. I want a house for a house, I don't want to get rich from Dimitar Talev's house, I want it to be preserved and to be able to be visitedrespect. I love Bulgaria and I ask the state to do something worthwhile in the center of Prilep. I started with Prvanov, па Danailov, Spas Tashev, I spoke with the director of the House of Culture in Skopje, but it happened there was no result - he said she.


The relative of the writer, Ljubomir Talev, stated that "athe anti-Bulgarian policy in Macedonia which is directed against the population with Bulgarian self-awareness is worrying, especially since Snezhana Acheska is not feeling well safe".

- The Bulgarian state must step into its role and save the house of the great Bulgarian writer from RS Mamedonia, Dimitar Talev. We must not allow the national and cultural heritage to be wasted. Turkey wants to buy the house because it is a model of Ottoman architecture, the Turkish state has a deliberate policy of preserving those facilities on which it had influence, that is the so-called soft power. Bulgaria must have a deliberate policy towards such monuments which are so important to Bulgaria - added Ljubomir Talev.

Professor Mihail Nedelchev says that even in Bulgaria there are few houses of Bulgarian writers that are museums.

- Dimitar Talev's house is sacred to all of us, famous novels were developed in it. Зand for Bulgaria to have a house-museum, a symbol of Bulgarian culture and literature in the center of Prilep, that must happen. As a historian I fully support this cause and will help as much as I can to preserve Talev's house - led Nedelchev.

Hristo Hristov, successor of Gotse Delchev, also appeared at the press conference, who said that kaqua no matter the price of the house, it is incomparable to Talev's priceless literature.

- This is a huge treasure for Bulgaria and must be preserved, let the house be bought, because for the Bulgarian country it is priceless - led of Christ.

Vladimir Cheshmedzhiev from "Patriotism and Patriotism" says that it is not the worst thing another country is interested and offered to buy the house, but the Bulgarian state has not been there for 20 years.

- It is a shame that for so many years no action has been taken on this topic, and when we mentioned that we would be doing this activity to preserve the house, the students were the ones who reacted very positively. The preservation of this house is a duty to the youth, to the next generations, to preserve the opportunity for them to honor this hero. Dimitar Talev himself is a victim of the regime in Yugoslavia, now he continues in RS MMacedonia over the Bulgarians there. If we have a problem, it is called the incompetence of the Bulgarian state. Сthe memorial of Dimitar Talev can become an object of tourism between the two countries. This facility may require European funding, and this also proposed by Spas Tashev from BAN – said Cheshmedjiev.


When asked to which institutions the requests for the preservation of the famous writer's house were submitted, the students replied that before the press conference, they submitted letters to the MFA and Mthe Ministry of Culture, and they hope that after the press conference institutions they will act.

Last year, in an interview with BGNES, Acheska, the current owner of the house, did not want to reveal who evicted them 10 years ago, she only said that that man is in prison and she wishes him to stay there for the rest of his life. His goal was, as he said, for him to take over their house and sell it. Her husband died of grief, she said, after they were rushed. Then she clarified that she wants Bulgaria to invest in the building, so that it can be renovated and become the cultural home of Bulgaria. If it stays like this, he says, the house will collapse, because no one has lived in it for a long time, and the authenticity has been preserved.

Dimitar Talev is a Bulgarian writer from Macedonia. After the communists came to power in Macedonia, he was imprisoned on charges of spreading Great Bulgarian chauvinism. He was released in 1948 and continues to live and work in Bulgaria. He is recognized as one of the classic Bulgarian authors of the 20th century, and in 2009 his novel "The Iron Candlestick" was chosen 4th out of 12 most loved books by Bulgarian readers.

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