Mitsotakis and his friend Vucic discussed Kosovo and the energy crisis

Mitsotakis Vucic meeting photo MIA

Bilateral relations, regional issues, Kosovo, as well as the energy crisis, among others, were the topics discussed by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at their dinner in Athens.

As MIA's correspondent from Athens reported, last night the Greek Prime Minister hosted a dinner and reception for the Serbian President in the Prime Minister's Palace, and the two of them informed about the topics they discussed through social networks.

Mitsotakis wrote on Twitter that at the dinner with "friend Vucic in Athens", they had the opportunity to discuss in detail bilateral relations, regional developments and "how we can cooperate more closely in these difficult conditions for everyone due to the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis".

The Serbian president wrote on Instagram that he and the Greek prime minister discussed Kosovo and Metohija, all topics that are important not only for Serbia, but also for the entire region, as well as the energy situation and mutual support, and he thanked Mitsotakis for the warm welcome. and for Greece's support for Serbia's path to the European Union.

The dinner of Mitsotakis and Vucic on Thursday was announced by the office of the Greek Prime Minister, while the Serbian president yesterday afternoon on Instagram published a photo from Athens, wrote that he had arrived "at an important meeting with the sincere friend of Serbia, Kirjakos Mitsotakis", said that he expected to strengthen and advance the political and economic relations between the two countries, but also that the visit to Athens is more dear to him than the one that follows it


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