Mitsotakis: I could also terminate the Prespa Agreement, but that is not possible

photo: Alexandros Michailidis

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis this morning for Greek television in an extensive interview mainly referred to the European elections on June 9, but also to the problem with the Prespa Agreement that opened up after Macedonian President Gordana Siljanovska Davkova did not pronounce the constitutional name but only "Macedonia" at the inauguration. which caused sharp reactions in Greece, the USA and the EU and was interpreted as a violation of the provisions of the Prespa Agreement.

- The agreement from Prespa must be respected. The name of the country is North Macedonia, and those who still call it the Republic of Macedonia will find us opposite. Our friends in North Macedonia must understand that the pre-election period is over and they must be serious. I believe that a lot of pressure will be exerted, there was already a reaction from the President of the Commission after the Greek intervention. Greece is not isolated, Skopje is. I believe they will adapt because we want good relations, said Mitsotakis.

He also emphasized the consequences for the country of non-compliance with the Prespa Agreement.

- The questions about the name of Skopje do not change. What we need to do is to explain to them the international pressure that this policy of theirs will lead them to international isolation, and they do not want that, Mitsotakis said.

The Greek Prime Minister also referred to the initiative of the opposition SYRIZA for the Greek Parliament to ratify the Memoranda of the Prespa Agreement and reiterated that this will not happen in the coming period.

- We are not naive and we know how to manage petty party games. Why did SYRIZA not submit the proposed law in the last 5 years? We saw that VMRO came to power with extreme rhetoric, we talked internally and said that we do not want to continue with the ratification of the memoranda. I could terminate the agreement by law and article, but that is not possible and I clearly told the citizens, I was honest with them, stressed the Greek Prime Minister.


Mitsotakis: "I am not saying this with joy" but if they do not respect the agreement, there will be no EU


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